“She Sheds” are the new Man Caves

Ladies, here’s how to shed the everyday stresses of life. Men have “man caves” where they can escape, why shouldn’t women have their own escapes? Well, there’s a new trend to help ladies everywhere shed the stresses of the everyday: ladies, say hello to the “She Shed.” “She Sheds” are typically constructed in a backyard alcove, and

5 Plants for Your Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep

We love sleep here at Latex Mattress Australia. However, some of us have trouble drifting off to sleep. Good news; there is a simple and natural way to improve your sleep and finally get some rest! We suggest placing one of the following plants in your bedroom to take advantage of the many sleep assisting

8 Foods That Help You Sleep

Adding these foods to your diet may help to increase your odds of a good night’s sleep. Lots of us have trouble falling asleep. Some of us can’t stay asleep. And then there are some who have trouble switching off and heading to bed at a reasonable hour. Whatever the reason, we’re not alone –

10 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

With all the travelling over the holidays, we thought it would be appropriate to outline 10 tips to beat the dreaded jet lag! 1. For short trips, stay on home time If you are away from home for only a day or two, try to stick to your usual routine. Try to sleep and eat

The Link Between Sleep and Weight

Studies show that sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain. But can getting more sleep help you lose weight? Read on to find out.. We all know that a healthy diet and exercise are necessary for weight-loss. But can sleep also help you maintain a healthy weight or even drop a few kilograms? “There are

Using Technology to Sleep Better

A good night’s rest is a key ingredient in the recipe for a healthy and productive day, but consistently getting the right amount, and quality of sleep, can be difficult.  With it’s alerts, harsh light and constant connectedness, technology is often seen as one of the prime contributors to poor sleep. However, there are also

What the Experts Say About Napping

Whether it be late working hours, stress or nearby distractions,lacking a good quality sleep at night can become commonplace. This not only makes us feel tired the following day, but it also can reduce alertness and our ability to undertake our usual activities. Naps are one way that the Sleep Health Foundation suggests we can

The Hidden Meanings Behind Popular Couple Sleeping Positions

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship Do you sleep in close contact or prefer different sides of the bed? The way you sleep can be telling about you as a person. How you position your body with your partner can provide a snapshot into the relationship. Below we share 10 common sleep styles

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5 Tips for Sleeping Safely and Comfortably When Pregnant

Sleep during pregnancy is hugely important. It takes a lot of energy to grow a baby, not to mention carry it around with you everywhere you go. Nothing is more comforting when pregnant than crawling into bed, but unfortunately, it’s never quite as easy as simply hopping under the covers. When pregnant, your heart works

What Can Happen to Your Body When You’re Sleep Deprived

It doesn’t matter why you’re doing it – the fact is, if you’re depriving your body of sleep, you’ll be faced with some not-so-pleasant side effects, and sometimes even serious consequences. Your body needs to relax and unwind for at least 7 hours per day in order to recover –  and your mind needs this