How to Improve your Sleep in Colder Temperatures

As the winter months approach, many find the challenge of achieving quality sleep in winter more daunting than during warmer seasons. Cold weather, shorter days, and longer nights can significantly impact one’s sleep patterns, often leading to difficulty in both falling asleep and staying asleep. Recognising the importance of sleep for overall health and wellbeing,

Unwrap Comfort: The Ultimate Christmas Bedding Gifts.

What better way to spread joy than giving a gift that keeps on giving? A natural latex mattress, a latex topper or bedding accessories are the perfect gifts for your loved ones. It’s not just about the comfort; these mattresses also offer significant health benefits and are environmentally friendly. So, let’s dive in and explore

9 timeless bedroom trends that will never go out of fashion

9 timeless bedroom trends that will never go out of fashion

As your own private sanctuary, you want your bedroom to be a space where you can relax in true comfort. A place for rest as well as storage, it needs to strike the balance between functionality and beauty. Bedroom design trends tend to transition every few years, but here are some timeless trends that will

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Do I need a mattress topper?

WHAT IS A MATTRESS TOPPER? A mattress topper is designed to be placed on top of your existing mattress and can transform the way your mattress feels, extend the life span, and offer added protection to your mattress. It provides a layer of comfort to a new mattress that is too firm, or an existing


7 Ways to Foster a Healthy Sleep Environment

The surrounding environment can have a significant impact on the quality of our sleep. And considering how important sleep is to our health, optimising your sleep space should likely be a top priority. This is particularly true if restorative sleep is something that often eludes you. We all have our own unique preferences when it

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4 Top Tips To Make The Most of Your Recovery During Sleep

How can you enhance your chances of waking feeling refreshed and ready to face the world? Well, a wondrous thing takes place when you give your brain the rest it deserves during sleep: your body takes up its duty to repair the wear and tear of the day you’ve just lived through.

Are you not getting enough sleep?

In Reality, How Bad For You Is Not Getting Enough Sleep?

If you believe that you’re not getting enough sleep, take heart, it’s probably not as big a deal as you might be thinking, according to recent research. Just to clarify, if your mood is cheerful and stable throughout the day and you feel alert, then it’s likely that you are getting enough sleep, regardless of the apparent recommended amount for your age group. This is the view of Jim Horne, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychophysiology at Loughborough University, England, distinguished author of the book Sleeplessness.

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Stop Back Pain From Interrupting Your Sleep

According to medical research, over 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. The chairs we sit in, the shoes we wear, the sports we play, the stress in our lives — all contribute to back pain. If you are one of the many affected by back pain, the last

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Take Control of How You Sleep

When you get a good night’s sleep you wake up as the best version of yourself ready to work hard, live life to the full and deal with any challenges that may come your way. Here we reveal how electronic adjustable beds will bring life changing health benefits by putting you in control of how you