Have you purchased a mattress from us?

Follow these bed base guidelines to support your Latex Mattress Australia mattress.

A good foundation is key as a supportive base, supports your mattress and you. To fully realise the natural support and comfort characteristics of your handcrafted Latex Mattress Australia mattress, your mattress needs to be properly supported.

Recommended Base 1 - Timber Slat Bed Base

For slatted bases, ensure that the spacing between the slats is no wider than the width of the slats. For example, if a slat is 65mm thick, ensure that the space between the slats is no more than 65mm. Wider slats can be used, however spacing can not exceed 75mm. A centre support rail is a must for king-sized beds.

If you don’t have enough slats, visit your local hardware and they can measure and cut additional slats for you. We recommend taking an existing slat with you so they can get the exact measurements.

Recommended Base 2 - Adjustable Bed Base

Latex is a perfect fit for an Adjustable Base as it flexes to the movement of the base while still supporting the mattress (and you).

You can purchase a Latex Mattress Australia Glide Adjustable Base. Visit our Adjustable Base page for further information.

Glide Adjustable Base

We don’t recommend:

If your base flexes or sags, your new mattress will contour to it. Slat systems, box spring, posture slats, or foundations that flex or concave should be avoided and will void your guarantee as they don’t support your mattress and will impact your sleep and comfort requirements.