Pure Luxury Latex Mattress


Limited Edition Luxury

The culmination of over 69 years of latex mattress-making expertise. The world’s finest materials and skilled craftsmanship combine to create the most comfortable bed.

Pure Luxury production numbers are limited to only 50 units, and your Pure Luxury mattress will be perfected by our Mattress Artisans, and assigned a unique number.

The deep, sumptuous Pure Luxury is lavishly filled with the finest pure and natural latex, providing you lasting support and comfort. The result is Australia’s most luxurious handcrafted latex mattress.

Latex not only reduces pressure points, it aligns the spine during rest and regulates body temperature. Where synthetic fibres, memory foams and chemicals cause overheating and deteriorate over a short period of time, natural latex and linen offer unparalleled thermoregulation.

Generous tufting of luxurious Eden encased in the linen cover provides essential cushioning, ensuring the most sumptuous and cloud-like sleeping experience.

Add the Glide adjustable base; a stylish sanctuary from a life well-lived.

Created to pair perfectly with the Pure Luxury, the Glide adjustable bed base will become an essential addition to your bedroom space. The Glide adjustable bed base will allow you to discover your perfect position of rest.  Adjust the base so your legs are gently, almost imperceptibly elevated, boosting circulation and promoting a deeper, more restorative sleep.

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Australian Made and Owned Colour
21-year Guarantee Lasting Quality
Product Review Awards Winner 2022 Colour
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Limited edition

Limited to only 50 units, your Pure Luxury mattress will be assigned a unique number by our master craftsman.

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Isolate motion

Latex will isolate motion from movement on your mattress, allowing you to relax into a deeper, more restorative sleep. Pure and natural latex is renowned to prevent the ‘roll together’ experience and minimise partner disturbance.

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Quilted luxury

A European linen cover with tape-edging encases Eden quilting. The result is a luxuriant cloud of unparalleled rebound and longevity.

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Thoughtful details

Experience the same unsurpassed comfort on both sides of the Pure Luxury. Mattress care by rotation and flipping is a breeze with two handles on each side.

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Heirloom quality linen cover

Gentle, breathable and utterly effortless in thermoregulation. Linen, which is one of the oldest known textile fibres, will wick moisture away and help regulate body temperature all year round, improving the quality of your REM sleep.

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Comfort layer (dual sided):

A 50mm soft layer of pure and natural latex on each side will alleviate any undue pressure whilst sleeping. Featuring no less than seven posture zones, every curve and contour of the body is gently supported.

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Handmade silk cover for Pure Indulgence mattress

Each Pure Luxury is carefully made to order in Brisbane, using only the finest pure and natural latex and materials for which we are famous. The result is, we believe, Australia’s very best handcrafted latex mattress.

Our signature pure & natural latex

Liquid latex responsibly sourced from sustainable plantations

Lavish layers of pure and natural latex cushions and supports every contour of the body whilst you sleep. Our latex features no less than seven posture zones, created by thousands of pincore holes.

Awaken renewed

By maintaining a neutral spine during the night, coupled with optimal pressure relief, the pure and natural latex ensures you awaken from your Pure Luxury fully renewed.

Finest materials

The Pure Luxury features lavish layers of pure and natural latex encased in swathes of European-woven linen. The soft silk-like linen ensures you really feel the true benefits of the sumptuous, yet supportive latex beneath.



Latex Mattress Australia’s pure latex has an open cell structure which allows significant airflow. In addition, our latex pin core holes allow superb ventilation, allowing you to experience a cooler night’s sleep. Your movement on our latex mattress encourages air to move through the mattress through the open-cell structure and the pin core holes, creating a cooler sleep environment.

Unzip Pure Indulgence silk cover to customise layers

Our most luxurious mattress to date, the Pure Luxury gives you freedom and flexibility. Should your lifestyle change over time due to weight loss, weight gain or injury, density of the comfort layers can be altered if needed.


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A single zip will remove a panel of the generously quilted linen cover, for dry cleaning and airing. Pure and natural latex is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, safe for sufferers of asthma or hay-fever who may be sensitive to dust or synthetics.



Total Height:400mm

Latex depth: 300mm

Fully reversible 

Sizes available:

Long Single, Queen, King, King Split

Densities available:
50mm Soft / 200mm Firm / 50mm Soft

Handcrafted in Australia

21 Year Guarantee

Pair with the Glide Adjustable Bed Base

Pure Luxury Mattress Zoning, Layers and Densities

Each layer of pure and natural latex features seven orthopedically designed zones which support each area of your body while you rest. 

Comfort selection:
50mm Soft / 200mm Firm / 50mm Soft
Total mattress depth: 300mm
Sizes Available:  Long Single, Queen, King, Split King
Pair with a Glide Adjustable Bed Base

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Let our helpful Sleep Specialists explain the benefits of our natural latex mattresses and find the perfect fit for you.


Our best seller. The Pure Comfort is our most popular mattress, sure to provide the solace and support you have been craving. It is the perfect mattress for those needing more comfort in their lives without compromising on support. Ideal for couples, servicing all body types and sleeping styles, as well as those needing more comfort for pain management.

PURE support

With a firmer, traditional latex mattress feel, the Pure Support is ideal for those who seek buoyant support and gentle pressure relief. The 200mm of either Medium or Firm density latex, provides quintessential support to all areas of the body, without the upward pressure caused by most innerspring