Adjustable Bed Base


Glide Adjustable Bed Base

Enhance and elevate your bedroom sanctuary by pairing your latex mattress with an adjustable base bedding system. Reset, reduce stress, and relax with the blissful lifestyle experience on our Glide Adjustable Base. Improve your back pain, ease insomnia, and drift off into an effortless and uninterrupted sleep.

Immerse yourself in a new lifestyle.

Personalise every element of your sleeping experience and lifestyle on your new adjustable bed. Simply achieve Zero Gravity weightlessness with a simple touch of a button or elevate your head to reduce snoring and reduce heartburn.

Includes One Touch Remote and Complimentary Adjustable Legs.

The King Split base comes in two long single pieces, which can be used independently with two long single mattresses on each side, or synced for use with a king size mattress.

* Queen Split is available in our Flexi Rest model only, which does not have memory buttons on the remote, a USB charging port or under bed lighting. Castor legs are available with the Flexi Rest model for $8 each.

Save 30% off Adjustable Bases with a mattress purchase, or save 20% off when purchased separately.   

The prices below denote 20% off. Please contact us if you would like to purchase both a mattress and a base, and we can arrange this for you.


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Ingenious Design Features

With our sleek and discrete design, gone are the associations of an adjustable bed base as a component of a hospital ward. With the Glide’s streamlined shroud hiding the motorised functions, the only person who will know it is an adjustable bed is you when you’re in it.

Perfectly Paired with a Latex Mattress

Further the benefits of your latex mattress by selecting one of the pre-set options. Our Glide Adjustable Bed Bases are ideal to pair with our range of pure and natural latex mattresses.

Strength of Steel

Any movement transferred down from the mattress is absorbed into the steel frame of the Glide. The strength to move a mattress every day is a sizable task, but with the push of a button our Glide Adjustable Base will flawlessly execute any movement you task it.

Adjustable Height Legs

A thoughtful touch for your pinkie toe, the legs on our Glide Adjustable Base are recessed so that when walking around corners, no extremities are caught unawares. There are also three, customisable leg height options for flexibility of the total bed height of your ensemble.

Under-bed Lighting

Practical and pictorial, the under-bed lighting has a dual purpose. Creating a soft glow underneath the mattress enhances the mood in the bedroom. It is also useful in the middle of the night to find your way back to bed after a bathroom sojourn.

USB Charging Points

Two discrete charging points at the head of the Glide ensures all devices are as fully charged as you are after a peaceful night’s sleep.

Phone Control

With added Bluetooth connectivity to an app on your mobile device, arguments over who has the remote are a distant memory. However, for full autonomy, consider our Split King option for individual freedom while maintaining close proximity with your significant other.

Find Your Ideal Resting Position

Quietly move your mattress into the perfect sleeping position for you, easing pressure on your lower back, and reducing tension as you conduct your favourite activities from your bedroom. Whether it be reading a book, working, watching TV or sleeping, the Glide Adjustable Base will enhance the use of your bedroom space.

Vibration Therapy

Achieve a higher state of relaxation with a three-speed Vibration Therapy function on the upper and lower areas of your body.

Wall hugging and headboard friendly

When the head section of the base elevates, it glides up the wall while moving back, so you’re not too far away from your bedside table. With a few screws and headboard brackets, seamlessly install your favourite headboard.

Manage Back Pain

On occasion, our bodies will require different amounts of support to manage pain while keeping the same quality of sleep we are accustomed to in previous years. The Glide Adjustable Base improves pain management by allowing new sleeping preferences to ease pressure and improve circulation. Tilt the pelvis forward in a leg-raised position and reduce pressure on the lower back.

Reduce Back Pain

Painful conditions, like sciatica that result from the nerve confined in the Lumbar spine, can be improved by alleviating pressure by lifting the legs when flat.

Prevention of neck aches by providing a well-supported platform, replacing the need of multiple pillows.

Alleviate Sleep Apnoea, Asthma and Snoring

Sleeping with your head more elevated improves airflow, reducing obstructions from the nasal passages to allow for a healthier, uninterrupted sleep, caused by apnoea. Oxygen will be able to flow more freely and may decrease the probability of an asthma attack.

Sinus pressure will be naturally relieved with the head lifted and may reduce snoring.

Stacking pillows on top of each other to create the angle needed for relief is a common quick fix, but this creates harmful pressure in the cervical spine.

Enhance Circulation and Relieve Varicose Veins

The mattress can be positioned to put your head and feet in an elevated position, which has been proven to enhance blood circulation and oxygen flow. Raised legs along with our vibration therapy in the Glide, can also help improve the look and appearance of varicose veins.

Ease Insomnia

Achieving increased circulation with the perfect bed position may allow the user to fall asleep faster, and end nights of tossing and turning.

Lessen Reflux and Ease Digestion

Lying flat has been shown to hinder the body’s ability to process food. Our Glide Adjustable Base can easily lift the head the recommended 6-8 inches to achieve the healthiest digestion experience while significantly improving acid reflux.

Relieve Arthritis and Pain

Stiff and aching joints can be alleviated by positioning the mattress so weight is taken off problem areas to allow for a more comfortable rest.

Relieve tension with vibration therapy

Achieve maximum tension relief and relaxation over your entire body with nightly vibration therapy. With three levels of intensity on the head and feet area, the gentle vibrations aid in increasing blood circulation, oxygen flow and muscle recovery. Turn on your vibration therapy and drift off into an effortless, relaxing sleep – your massage will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

Work from home

Our Glide Adjustable Base can turn your bedroom into a functional work from home office. Create the comfiest office chair with your latex mattress cradling your body while you work. With the head fully elevated and a slight uplift under the knees, this ergonomic position only needs a laptop to complete your workroom headquarters.

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