10 Year Guarantee

Glide Adjustable Bed base

The Latex Mattress Australia Glide Adjustable Base comes with a 10 year guarantee which covers faulty workmanship and structural defects of the frame, electrics and motor from date of purchase (original purchaser only). This guarantee is only valid for the first purchaser of the adjustable base and proof of purchase must be provided.

The manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of the defective part(s) and is subjected to inspection prior to agreement of replacement taking place.

Latex Mattress Australia, if satisfied that materials or workmanship is faulty (allowing for fair wear and tear), will repair or replace the applicable part(s) at our discretion. There is no guarantee that matching materials will be available at time of repair or replacement.

This warranty does not include reimbursement for installation of part(s), freight, loss of use or inconvenience. In addition, this warranty shall be void if damages occur resulting from misuse, improper installation / repairs, mishandling (including third party delivery) or if used in a commercial or any environment that it was not intended.

Latex Mattress Australia reserves the right to substitute material of equal quality. The company policy is not to give refunds, but to repair or replace the goods; this is at the discretion of management.

The care instructions should be followed carefully as they can extend the life of your adjustable base.

Please note the following instructions so to not void your guarantee:


The recommended weight limits on our adjustable beds is 340KG. The bed will structurally support this weight, provided it is evenly distributed across the foundation. The power foundation is not designed to support or lift this amount in the head or foot sections alone. Exceeding this weight restriction could damage the bed and/or cause injury and will void the warranty.


Any opening or tampering with the control box, motors, or hand controls (with the exception of the battery compartment if equipped) will result in a void of the warranty.


The motors are not designed to operate continuously for more than 2 minutes in a 20 minute time period or approximately 10% duty cycle. Attempting to circumvent or exceed this rating will shorten the life expectancy of the foundation and may void the warranty.


Once installation of the foundation is completed, operate the remote control to ensure proper functions. Keep moving parts free of obstruction during bed operation (including sheets, clothing, tubing, wiring, and products using electric power cords). Distribute body weight evenly over bed surface. Do not place entire weight on head or foot sections of the bed, during repositioning and entering or exiting bed.

Please refer to the Latex Mattress Australia Glide Adjustable Base Manual (supplied in the box on delivery) for full safety instructions.

Latex Mattress Australia will not handle or process any goods returned in an unsanitary condition.