Pure Indulgence® Latex Mattress


Considered the most luxurious pure and natural latex mattress in Australia, our Pure Indulgence® mattress will have you sleeping in elusive luxury. When sleeping on the Pure Indulgence® mattress, your comfort no longer has to be a compromise. The Pure Indulgence® offers a luxurious space of respite from the daily demands of a life well-lived.

Unzip the removable cover to reveal the signature feature – three separate layers of pure and natural latex encased in silk pockets. As we mature, sometimes comfort preferences may change. With ingenious comfort flexibility, the Pure Indulgence® will give you peace of mind with the ability to alter your comfort preference in the future, without having to change your whole mattress.

In total, the mattress is comprised of 250mm of natural, non-toxic latex with each layer hand selected by our master craftsman to create an overall feel of opulence and cloud-like support.

 Call now to speak with a Sleep Specialist and discover which density is the perfect fit for you. Alternatively, visit one of our luxury showrooms to experience the Pure Indulgence® for yourself.


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Australian Made and Owned Colour
21-year Guarantee Lasting Quality
Product Review Awards Winner 2022 Colour
We Support NDIS Colour
Pure Indulgence King Split Latex Mattress and adjustable vibration therapy base
Tufted luxury

A tufted-look cover with tape-edging provides you that spectacularly cloud-like softness you desire, without sacrificing support. Eden quilting provides unparalleled softness, cradling every contour and delivering supreme pressure point relief for all styles of sleepers.

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Finest Silk Cover

For unrivalled luxury and softness, silk provides your body with superior thermal regulation. Silk is known for its shimmering luster, strength and durability.

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Isolate motion

Isolate motion from other movement on your mattress and sleep soundly. Pure and natural latex is renowned to prevent the ‘roll together’ experience – a common complaint when one sleeper weighs more than the other.

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Optimal Spinal Support

In the central pocket lies 150mm of pure and natural latex, delivering buoyant support and maintaining your spinal alignment throughout the night. The surface pressure on the body is reduced to a minimum, providing uniform support for every contour of your body.

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Dual-sided Sumptuous Comfort

50mm of pure and natural latex to match the top comfort layer, so when the mattress is flipped over, the same comfort and support is provided.

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Comfort Layer (Dual Sided)

Housed in a silk lined pocket, 50mm of pure and natural latex to alleviate any pressure points while sleeping. Featuring 7 posture zones, every curve and contour of your body will feel comfort with gentle support.

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Sleep Cool

Micro pockets of air separating the layers of the Pure Indulgence provide cooling airflow and added depth, giving the mattress a cloud like suspension not found in any other mattress on the market.

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Maintain Hygiene and Freshness

Peace of mind meets creative ingenuity: Zip off layers that are dry cleanable for a hygiene refresh.

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Thoughtful Details

The Pure Indulgence is double sided, so rotating and flipping is a breeze with our silk embroidered handles.

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Handmade silk cover for Pure Indulgence mattress Drawing on all our expertise since 1955, the Pure Indulgence® is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and will cradle your body in complete lavishness. The ultimate in luxury, each detail of the Pure Indulgence mattress has been carefully crafted for sumptuous comfort and support, from only the most exceptional natural materials, coupled with the incredible performance of our 100% pure and natural latex.


Liquid latex responsibly sourced from sustainable plantations


Known to the Malaysian locals as ‘liquid gold’, pure and natural latex is Mother Nature’s most precious resource. Placing your health at the forefront of everything we do, we ensure that no memory foams, polyurethanes or chemical flame retardants are used in the manufacturing of your mattress.


With over 65 years of experience in every stitch, we handcraft our Pure Indulgence® mattress with a 150mm core of Firm density latex, with two 50mm latex layers on either side of Soft, or Firm density latex. Discover which density is the perfect fit by contacting a Sleep Specialist today or visit one of our luxury showrooms.


Achieve constant support with no undue pressure with the resilience of pure and natural latex. Within the central compartment dedicated to your orthopaedic wellbeing, lies a generous layer 150mm of Medium or Firm density pure and natural latex to ensure perfect support.



Latex Mattress Australia’s pure latex has an open cell structure which allows significant airflow. In addition, our latex pin core holes allow superb ventilation, allowing you to experience a cooler night’s sleep. Your movement on our latex mattress encourages air to move in and out of the mattress through the open-cell structure and the pin core holes, creating a cooler sleep environment. Separating the comfort layer and support core are individual plush silk pockets giving our Pure Indulgence added breathability and thermal regulation.

Unzip Pure Indulgence silk cover to customise layers

The elite luxury of the Pure Indulgence also comes with freedom and flexibility. Should your lifestyle change over time due to weight loss, weight gain or injury, the Pure Indulgence allows you to customise the density of the comfort layers if needed.


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A single zip will remove a panel of the generously quilted silk cover, for dry cleaning and airing. Pure and natural latex is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, safe for sufferers of asthma or hay-fever who may be sensitive to dust or synthetics.


The Pure Indulgence mattress allows you to achieve the same comfort feel on both sides of the mattress. Thoughtful details include handmade and embroidered handles for rotating and turning the Pure Indulgence for the maximum achievable lifespan.


Experience unparalleled comfort on a Latex Mattress Australia mattress

Need a mattress in a configuration that will take you and your partner’s inherent differences into account? Select a split king option, whereby you and your partner have individually customised densities for your side of the bed. Your comfort no longer has to be a compromise.


Total Height: 330mm

Latex depth: 250mm

Fully reversible 

Sizes available:
Long Single, King Single, Queen, King, Super King, Split King (two Long Singles), Custom Size

Densities available:
50mm Soft / 150mm Medium / 50mm Soft
50mm Soft / 150mm Firm / 50mm Soft
50mm Firm / 150mm Firm / 50mm Firm

Handcrafted in Australia

21 Year Guarantee

Adjustable Bed Base Friendly

Pure Indulgence Mattress Zoning, Layers and Densities

Each layer of pure and natural latex features seven orthopedically designed zones which support each area of your body while you rest. Choose your preferred density to suit your unique comfort preference.

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Let our helpful Sleep Specialists explain the benefits of our natural latex mattresses and find the perfect fit for you.


Our best seller. The Pure Comfort is our most popular mattress, sure to provide the solace and support you have been craving. It is the perfect mattress for those needing more comfort in their lives without compromising on support. Ideal for couples, servicing all body types and sleeping styles, as well as those needing more comfort for pain management.

PURE support

With a firmer, traditional latex mattress feel, the Pure Support is ideal for those who seek buoyant support and gentle pressure relief. The 200mm of either Medium or Firm density latex, provides quintessential support to all areas of the body, without the upward pressure caused by most innerspring