Custom-Sized Latex Mattresses

Achieve a blissful and refreshing night’s sleep while on holiday with a custom-sized mattress or topper from Latex Mattress Australia.

We can handcraft pure latex mattresses in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual requirements. Whether for your motor-home, boat, caravan, truck, or camper trailer, you will be able to enjoy the superior levels of comfort and support that only pure natural latex can offer.

A custom mattress tailored to your exacting specifications.

Let our expert mattress artisans tailor your new latex mattress to your exact specifications. Handcrafted to order for your specific needs, our custom mattresses will allow you to sleep beautifully during your vacation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will prepare a personalised quote for you.

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Payment options

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Australian Made and Owned
Since 1955
21 Year Guarantee
Product Review Awards Winner 2022
We Support NDIS

Sleep Beautifully On Vacation

You no longer need to compromise on comfort during trips away in your yacht, motorhome or caravan with your made to measure custom latex mattress. We understand how important sleep is, especially while unwinding on vacation. A pure and natural latex mattress is a must to achieve a blissful, restorative and refreshing night’s sleep while on holiday.

Finest Pure and Natural Latex

Sourced from sustainable rubber plantations in Malaysia, we pride ourselves on using only the finest pure and natural latex in the world. Renowned for its durability, at the heart of every custom mattress lies the highest quality pure and natural latex, with no less than seven zones for optimal spinal alignment.

Natural Cover Options

Customise every element of your new custom mattress with our range of natural fabric options, to perfectly compliment our pure and natural latex. Our stretched Tencel® will allow you to sleep cool, and contains natural antibacterial properties for spaces that may not see much sun. Alternatively, opt for an Organic Cotton with stretched Tencel® fabric for a considered ecological choice. Both options are zip-off, removable and machine washable.

Learn More About our Tencel Fabric

Unsurpassed Support and Comfort

The buoyant nature of our 100% chemical free latex will not compromise support throughout the night, meaning your lumbar region and spine is kept in healthy alignment. With our seven posture zoned latex, every curve and contour of your body will be properly cradled with appropriate support and luxurious comfort.

21 Year Guarantee

All our mattresses are covered by our full 21 year guarantee, utilising only high quality materials. Double sided and reversible*, our mattresses will stand the test of time, delivering unparalleled comfort every night.

*Please note some shapes may not be able to be reversed.

European Sizing

If your bed frame is of European design, we can provide you with a 100% chemical free sleeping solution with one of our custom sized latex mattresses.

Complete Your Bedding Solution

We can also provide a tailor made Tencel® linen option so your mattress protector and sheets fit perfectly on your new bed.

Quoting Process

Please contact one of our Sleep Specialists today or visit one of our luxury showrooms to obtain a quote for your new custom made latex mattress. Our Sleep Specialist will provide you a complimentary sleep consultation, and provide a recommendation on the most comfortable mattress for your specific needs.

Reviews from Google

we recently bought a latex mattress topper and we are loving it, you get what you pay for we had a memory foam one and it was hot and lost its shape this latex topper has been fabulous very happy can highly reccomend.

Ross Williams
Ross Williams30-11-2021

Great service, I was able to order and pick up the next day, despite the COVID lockdown. I bought the latex mattress topper, and I couldn't be happier with it, my partner absolutely loves it too. It has made my night's sleep being pregnant much better. Highly recommend

I was shopping around for latex matress and came across Latex Matress Australia. Gave them a call and went through our requirements for a matress as my partner has a bad back and neck from a car accident injury. Staff were very informative and helpful, delivery was fast and they took away our old matress.The matress itself has been a dream, pun intended. Suits both my requirements and that of my partners. Highly recommend, Latex Matress Australia for their service and their products.

Ryan Borysko
Ryan Borysko02-10-2021

I bought a new mattress and pillow as was having back pain. Ordering was simple and delivery very quick. Service from the store was perfect, had some issues with the delivery people but nothing against the store. Everything was packaged well. The mattress and pillow itself are great, very comfortable, perfect size and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their sleep!

Ryota Kawai
Ryota Kawai02-09-2021

AMAZING! Love our new mattress topper. My partner has compressed discs in his back and I am in my third trimester of pregnancy. The topper has really eased the discomfort we were both experiencing with our mattress. Great customer service by Sam also. Thank you

Aleasha Collins
Aleasha Collins02-09-2021

I bought a replacement latex mattress for another brand that lasted over 15 years. This one is so much better as I can turn it over & wash the covers. It is very comfort to sleep on either my side or back. Very happy with the service.

Scott Hill
Scott Hill02-07-2021

My wife was having alot of back pain after our 1st child. We had a top of the line pocket spring mattress that sagged after 1 year. We brought the pure support mattress around 2 years ago and from the first nights sleep we noticed a big difference. Instant relief. 2 years later, still loving it and very happy with it! Highly recommend the product and team.

Jared G
Jared G02-07-2021

We bought a king size mattress from here approx. 7 years ago now, at the time it was a huge financial investment for us but we STILL constantly talk about it to friends and family because honestly it's the best money we ever spent. We stay in fancy hotels with fancy mattresses and can't wait to get home to our natural latex mattress. IT'S THE BEST. And after 7 years of use every day it still looks and feels like the first day we got it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Tash Cordell
Tash Cordell02-07-2021

Firstly, I highly recommend latex mattress vs other types, & absolutely recommend getting your latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia!Customer service was excellent - highly knowledgeable about not only their range of products, but also able to give you some insight into differences between latex mattress & eg memory foam or inner spring.I live in VIC, so handled everything over the phone/email, but whole process was extremely efficient (& that includes Latex Mattress having to contend with NDIS in my case too!), with delivery & unpacking people on time & extremely helpful.Re the mattress itself - I have a permanent spinal injury from an accident 15 years ago, & within 2 weeks of having this mattress I have lost the nagging lower back pain that I thought was just a normal consequence of my back injury. Apparently that was all purely because of my previous inner spring w memory foam topper mattress! I also no longer have to change position every few hours to relieve pain & pressure points. The mattress took a couple of days to adjust to, but it wasn't a firmness/softness issue, it was just the strangeness of suddenly not being able to feel/sense any springs underneath me!I will note that for first few weeks, scent sensitive people (as I am) will have to ignore the 'new latex' smell as it gradually eases, but that's the only downside I can think of 😊The guarantee of 21 years gives me enormous comfort from financial standpoint as latex mattresses are admittedly a high cost item, but the mattress itself provides enormous physical comfort, making the cost absolutely worth every cent.

Lily Rivers
Lily Rivers02-06-2021

Need support to create your sleep sanctuary?

Let our helpful Sleep Specialists explain the benefits of our natural latex mattresses and find the perfect fit for you.

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Pure Comfort

Our best seller. The Pure Comfort is our most popular mattress, sure to provide the solace and support you have been craving. It is the perfect mattress for those needing more comfort in their lives without compromising on support. Ideal for couples, servicing all body types and sleeping styles, as well as those needing more comfort for pain management.

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Pure Indulgence

For a mattress without compromise, the Pure Indulgence is impeccable opulence. It is the perfect mattress for those that want unparalleled luxury and comfort every night. For the most curated sleeping experience available, the Pure Indulgence offers remarkable comfort and infinite bliss.

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