Latex Mattress Topper


Transform your existing mattress and have a more luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep with one of our pure and natural latex mattress toppers. If you find your present mattress too firm and is causing undue pressure, add a layer of exceptional comfort by simply placing our latex mattress topper on your existing mattress. 

Designed to relieve pressure, whilst maintaining optimal spinal alignment, our pure and natural latex mattress topper will be the perfect solution to a refreshing and revitalising night’s sleep.

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Revitalise Your Mattress

Transform your existing mattress by adding a luxurious layer of buoyant and pressure relieving latex.

Pure and Natural Latex

We use only the finest pure and natural latex harvested from sustainable rubber plantations.

Handcrafted Quality

Each topper is handcrafted in our Brisbane-based manufacturing facility, and comes with a 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Removable and Washable Cover

With the ability to remove and wash your topper cover, be assured you can refresh and revitalise your sleeping surface. Always use a mattress protector to protect your investment.

Buttery-soft Tencel®

Tencel® is sourced from renewable wood pulp and is soft to the touch, three times more absorbent than cotton and will keep you cool while you sleep.

Reduce Pressure and Discomfort

If you’re noticing your back, hips or shoulders have pins and needles when you wake up, this is a direct result of lying on a mattress that is too firm. Adding our pure and natural latex mattress topper will gently cushion areas of concern, increasing circulation and thereby falling into a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Soft latex layer in mattress topper

Achieve Buoyant Support

The buoyant nature of our 100% chemical free latex, will not compromise support throughout the night, meaning your lumbar region  is kept in healthy alignment. With our seven posture zoned latex, every curve and contour of your body will be properly cradled with appropriate support. Unlike polyurethane foams, wool or feather toppers that can start to sink after only one night of use, our pure and natural latex topper will recover back to its original shape night after night.

Latex Mattress Australia topper for buoyant support

Reinvigorate and Refresh - Zip Off Removable Tencel® Cover

Tencel® extracted from Eucalyptus wood pulp provides sumptuous softness while also being breathable and ideal for allergy sufferers. Tencel® is also three times as absorbent as cotton, which means its moisture wicking capabilities keep you cooler for longer in the Australian climate. Our pure and natural latex mattress topper cover is also machine washable on a cool temperature to reinvigorate and refresh.

Removeable cover on latex topper for easy clean

Breathable and Sleep Cool

With over 65 years experience, we know thermoregulation in the Australian climate can be a concern for even the coldest regions. Our pure and natural latex is certified as chemical and additive free, which means no breathability has been compromised by any hidden polyurethanes, chemicals or synthetics. The open cellular structure and hundreds of pincore holes in our latex creates airflow during every micro movement, allowing air to circulate through  the latex mattress topper, resulting in a cool and comfortable sleep.

Mattress Topper Tencel Cover

Negate Partner Disturbance

The soft density of our pure and natural latex toppers minimises any partner disturbance by absorbing any unwanted movements. The nature of latex rubber absorbs tremors so you can carry on sleeping undisturbed.

Minimise partner disturbance with latex topper

Highest Quality

As a brand known and trusted all over Australia, we only use the finest quality materials sourced ethically and sustainably. Rest assured with a 10 year guarantee for assurance of a quality product.  We also guarantee our pure and natural latex mattress topper to not collapse or depress during its lifetime.

Healthy Choice

Using only chemical and additive free latex, our pure and natural latex mattress topper is the healthiest choice when it comes to any mattress topper. Pure and natural latex is mould and mildew resistant, dust mite and allergen resistant, and free from any volatile fire retardants and chemicals that are found in most foam mattress toppers. With the added benefit of the removable cover for those needing assurance of a clean, healthy night’s sleep.

100_ natural latex mattress topper with Tencel cover

Australian Made Quality

Each topper is handcrafted by our expert artisans in our Brisbane manufacturing facility. Our latex mattress topper is certified as Australian made which helps support local jobs and Australian families. This also ensures your pure and natural latex mattress topper meets all of the high standards set by Australian Consumer Law.


The overall height of our pure and natural latex mattress topper is 75mm. The soft density  latex inside is 50mm deep and the quilting of the Tencel cover provides additional dimension increasing the luxurious comfort our latex mattress toppers are known for. All standard Australian sizes are available and we can also cater any custom size with non-quilted Tencel® fabric.

*Able to be used with electric blankets.

Pure and Natural Latex Mattress Topper Zoning

The 5cm layer of pure and natural latex inside your new Latex Mattress Topper features seven orthopedically designed zones that support each area of your body while you sleep.

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