5 Plants for Your Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep

We love sleep here at Latex Mattress Australia. However, some of us have trouble drifting off to sleep. Good news; there is a simple and natural way to improve your sleep and finally get some rest!

We suggest placing one of the following plants in your bedroom to take advantage of the many sleep assisting properties:

1. White Jasmine

The scent of this plant has potent healing properties and has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and promote sleep.

white jasmine

2. Snake plant

It releases more oxygen during the night, even more throughout the day, thus it effectively improves the quality of air and also helps you breathe easily.

snake plant

3. Lavender

The relaxing properties of lavender have been used for centuries, as it effectively relieves anxiety and stress. It also slows the heart rate and provides a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, perfect for rest and sleep!


4. English ivy

It is easy to grow and enhances the air quality gently, absorbing the toxins from the air, releasing the oxygen, and aids breathing. The plant is helpful in absorbing airborne mould by more than 94%.

english ivy

5. Aloe Vera

During the night, the Aloe Vera plant will provide huge amounts of oxygen, which will assist people falling to sleep.

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