Latex Mattress Topper

If your mattress just isn’t what it used to be but you’re not quite ready for a new one, a latex mattress topper could be the answer for you.

get a latex mattress topper 1

They’re a great solution when a firm mattress is starting to feel a bit too firm, especially if it’s starting to cause you pain. Tension is often felt in the hips and shoulders if a mattress is too hard. Chances are if you’re feeling that tension, you’re probably not sleeping the best. What a latex mattress topper does is provide a soft supportive barrier between you and the mattress to alleviate the pressure and get you a good night’s sleep.

You can also extend the longevity of your mattress with a latex mattress topper. It’s especially handy when your mattress is about mid-way through its useable life and is starting to get to the uncomfortable stage. A layer of latex will save you from your sleepless nights!

A latex mattress topper can also be a solution when a firm mattress has been purchased for the support of one partner, but is too firm for the other. The latex layer can save the other partner from the pressure of the firm mattress underneath, while still supporting the partner who needs it.

Latex mattress toppers from Latex Mattress Australia are 50mm latex for all sized beds with a cover of either Tencel Eucalyptus fabric or unbleached calico. One of the most convenient things about them (besides the comfort) is that the cover zips off so it can easily be washed.

Contact us or come and see us in store in Brisbane or Sydney to order or chat to us about latex mattress toppers. We’d be happy to share our knowledge with you.


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