Catch the bug…

Latex has long been known for its anti-bug properties. Many people have necome aware that latex is inhospitable to Dust Mites, which is why so many asthma sufferers enjoy the benefits of latex. Latex also keeps out the larger bugs too – especially one of the big nasties – the bedbug.

Itchy and frustrated, people dealing with a bed bug infestation are often willing to try just about anything to get rid of the insects. At best, most of these remedies are ineffective; some are downright dangerous.

Don’t Try This At Home

In America, Brian Hirsch, a director of a pest control company, works on the front lines of treating bedbug problems. He’s put together a list of the ten least effective home remedies he’s heard of people using. None of these home remedies work and some are extremely dangerous!

Here’s his list:

1. Fuels – dousing the bed and other home furnishings in diesel, gasoline or kerosine.

2. Sulphur – burning sulphur inside the home.

3. Bug bombs – setting off multiple bug bombs and creating a risk of explosion.

4. Fire extinguishers – using a fire extinguisher to freeze the bugs.

5. Lights – sleeping with the lights on to fool the bedbugs into not biting.

6. Exterior pesticides – using pesticides that aren’t effective against bedbugs.

7. Olive oil – covering your body in olive oil so the bedbugs can’t climb on you.

8. WD40 – Spraying the bugs directly.

9. Cold – Turning off the heating in winter to freeze the bugs out.

10. Baking soda and rubbing alcohol – applying this combination to a mattress or upholstered furniture.

“Bedbugs and their aftermath have caused many rational people to lose the ability to reason,” Hirsch says.

Hirsch, who often fields enquiries from friends and colleagues who have concerns about bedbugs, tells people to remain calm and to contact a reputable pest control expert to help resolve the problem. A mix of chemical and non-chemical methods is usually required to eliminate bedbugs and infestaions often require several treatments. Alternatively, using a pure latex mattress prevents the problem occurring in the first place.

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