How Our Latex Is Made

Sap from a rubber tree being collected in a bowl attached to the treeOur product is pure latex manufactured solely from natural rubber. Latex belongs to the species, Hevea Brazilensis, which is cultivated on a large scale in Malaysia through a planned programme of replanting, thereby ensuring a sustainable supply of natural latex from a green environment.

The polymeric content in our mattresses is derived exclusively from pure, super-clean and unadulterated natural rubber latex from the trees. Only natural rubber latex of the highest quality and purity is used. No synthetic latex or ‘cocktail’ is added.

Our latex is a natural product manufactured from the fusion of renewable natural resources in harmony with scientific innovation utilising the latest state-of-the-art technology and know how. The product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

No fillers or any additives are added thereby retaining the intrinsic green strength of natural latex. Foam from other manufacturers typically contains up to 30% inert filler and it is not uncommon to reduce production costs at the expense of quality, durability and sleeping comfort.

Some manufacturers using the “Talalay” process incorporate very unconventional chemical processes to synthesise a product derived from petroleum, coal, oil, natural gasses or acetylene. Ours is a natural and environmentally friendly sustainable product.

Mini pin core cavities are present in the mono-block available without lamination to a thickness of 15cm. Such a unique configuration reduces body intersurface contact and promotes maximum natural ventilation which is so very necessary for sleeping comfort.

Our latex comprises a network of millions of ultra micro-cellular structures distributed homogeneously across the whole block, made possible by using the latest microvent technology. This attribute further promotes natural breathing, gives good initial contact feel and longer product durability.

Our product has been orthopaedically designed to have 7 posture zones catering for optimal posture and lumbar support. This together with the complete absence of local high pressure spots gives total muscle relaxation of the body and a healthy rest.

The excellent dynamic properties synergised by the presence of the multi-million ultra fine interconnected open-cells enables the foam to follow the body contour and respond with the right support pressure to the weight of each part of the body.

The product is hygienic, hypoallergenic, dust free, contaminant free and non toxic. The intrinsic colour of natural rubber is retained. Its superb flexibility and resilience characteristics at any degree of hardness makes it an ideal match for use in adjustable beds.

Latex is porous throughout. As the user’s movements depress and release the material, air is circulated and thus the mattress is air-cooled during use. Latex is not hot. It is warmer in winter and cooler in the summer than other materials used for mattress making.

Latex is only slightly effected by high humidity. It never appreciably absorbs dampness from the atmosphere. As air is circulated through the latex, body moisture is effectively dissipated.


Non Toxic Anti Bacterial Self Ventilating
Non Allergenic Resilient Contaminent Free
Dust Free Odour Free Healthy
Mould Free Durable Relaxes Tired Muscles
Mildew Free Quiet No Ozone Depleting Substances
Fungus Free Flexible Resists Moisture build-up
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