Latex Mattress Australia launches Pure Indulgence Collection

Latex Mattress Australia has launched its most indulgent and luxurious range of mattresses and ensembles to date, the new Pure Indulgence Collection.

For those with discerning taste, the top of the range Pure Indulgence offers the ultimate in luxurious support and sumptuous comfort. Each mattress is bespoke hand crafted and created with exquisite detail. The Pure Indulgence is the Rolls Royce of our pure latex mattress range.

The new Pure Indulgence range of mattresses are 100% pure and natural Malaysian latex cushioning, enveloped within the world’s finest and most luxurious naturally occurring material, silk. Silk, always a symbol of wealth and elegance since ancient times has been highly valued for centuries. Soft, silky, and aesthetically opulent, silk is very cool and comfortable to sleep on.

The Pure Indulgence covers are designed according to the latest European trends, and are fully removable and washable.

The Pure Indulgence features sumptuously soft top-and-bottom layers of pure latex supported by an inner core of densely supportive pure latex, to provide a sleeping platform which is both soft enough to induce restful sleep and firm enough to ensure postural support all night long.

Trixie Wilson, Director of Latex Mattress Australia comments: “We are very excited to bring you our most superbly functional and aesthetically pleasing sleep ensembles yet. The Pure Indulgence combines the world’s finest natural materials to bring you a platform which provides unrivalled comfort, support and luxury.”

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