Best Apps and Alarms to get you up in the Morning

It’s fair to say that waking up in the morning charts highly on everyone’s least favourite things to do list. Interrupted dreams – always just as it was getting to the good part – flailing arms, heavy eyes and desperate disorientation; the rude awakening that comes with the loud, monotonous beeping of a digital alarm clock is the bane of our existence. Yet waking up on time saves us much unwanted stress, allowing us to get to where we need to be and fulfil our daily functions. If you need that extra big nudge when it comes to waking up, check out the list below of the best alarm clocks and apps currently around.

Carrot Alarm App

If you’re after a slightly more human touch, then the Carrot Alarm App is for you. This talking alarm clock eases you into the day either with a funky song or some witty conversation, before requesting that you complete a few tasks. Why should you complete these tasks? Well, if you don’t, Carrot won’t be deactivated. And when Carrot is ignored, Carrot gets angry, just like any moody human. The tasks involve things like shaking your phone, tapping the screen or answering a multiple choice question. Before you know it, your brain will be switched on and ready to take on the day ahead.

Wake up Work out Alarm Clock

Gym junkies rejoice! The Wake up Work out Alarm Clock is the ideal alarm clock for you. Shaped as a dumbbell, this creative alarm clock invites you to channel your morning grumpiness into a positive outlet: fitness. Once it goes off, the alarm clock can only be turned off by completing 30 bicep curls. Yes, you heard right. What’s more, the clock has motion sensors which can detect whether you are doing the move correctly, meaning no half-hearted attempts will be accepted!


Still want more exercise? Then add a Clocky to your bedroom, because it will have you up and running in no time. This quirky little invention is the answer to the question: what would a combination of wheels and a clock look like? No longer will you be able to while away the hours; once Clocky has been snoozed, it literally runs and jumps away from you, actively trying to hide. Think of it as the cute but annoying pet you always wanted.

Flying Alarm Clock

Up, up and away! Your morning will seem a lot more exciting with the Flying Alarm Clock. Just like Clocky, this ingenious device aims to get you moving by playing a little game of Fetch. Once the alarm sounds, the propeller top launches into the air. Without it, you won’t be able to turn off the blaring, booming warning cries of your clock. Grab it, insert it and voila! Peace of quiet is yours. Too bad your heart is racing like a greyhound! Which of these devices would you choose? If a lack of sleep is your problem, check out our products online – Latex Mattress Brisbane and Sydney have a wide range of mattresses that will have you needing an alarm clock in no time!

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