How to get an Uninterrupted Night’s Sleep

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The only thing worse than not being able to get to sleep, is waking up during the night and then trying to get back to sleep to get those extra hours of shut-eye. There may be many reasons for your irregular sleeping pattern, and these will differ from person to person, ranging from your body position while you sleep to your stress levels. If you think your bedding is the reason you can’t seem to sleep soundly, mattress specialists like us here at Latex Mattress Australia can help you find something that makes you a little more comfortable, you can visit our products page to browse our range ofmattresses and accessories. If you’ve tried this and it hasn’t made a difference, or you don’t think it has to do with your bedding, consider trying out some of the following.

Darkness is important

It is important to sleep in as dark an environment as possible, as the presence of light can mess with your melatonin levels – melatonin is a key player in regulating your sleep cycle. Make sure your bedroom door is closed and that you turn off any lights, including night lights, before you go to sleep. Cover your windows with drapes if you can – this will block out most of the light you might get from your neighbours or street lights.

Minimise noise

Noises can influence the quality of your sleep, so try moving your bed away from the walls and removing ticking alarm clocks. Immerse yourself in silence (as well as the darkness mentioned before) and you will find yourself sleeping better than you had before.

Avoid electronic devices

If you fall asleep with your phone or your laptop on, you’re less likely to get high quality sleep, thanks to the brightness of the screens and the distractions it causes. Turn off your computer and television at least an hour before you want to go to bed. Try to also avoid doing anything work related while you are in bed, because you want it to be associated with sleep, not any residual stress you might have that’s connected to work.


Choosing the right pillow can go a long way when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, and to find the perfect pillow for you, you have to consider your sleeping position. There are typically three positions in which people sleep – on their back, their stomach or on their side, and there are pillows that should be used with each sleeping position to maximise your quality of sleep. There are also different places you can position pillows to increase comfort – for example, a pillow under the knees can help with back pain. Additionally, neck pillows can go a long way by reducing neck pain while you sleep, no matter what position you sleep in. If back pain is a bigger issue – read information on great mattresses for back pain.

Of course, these are just some guidelines you might want to consider following if you do often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night. If you are still not getting a good night’s sleep after trying these or other tips you may have picked up from friends and family, you may want to consider seeing a professional.


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