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Deep sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We all know how difficult it is to succeed through the day when sluggish or tired. There is also substantial evidence to suggest that quality sleep can significantly contribute to the prevention or treatment of a number of serious health problems. Below, we’ve outlined five health conditions that can be addressed by a good night’s sleep on a quality mattress – do you suffer from any of these?

Allergies and Asthma

Dust mites and pollens can get caught in mattress fibres, leading to asthma attacks and inflamed allergies. Some asthma sufferers are also sensitive to the synthetic fibres used in cheap mattresses. Latex mattresses are a perfect solution, as the latex construction does not allow mites, pollens or other allergens to exist.


Sleep is a major concern for many arthritis sufferers – associated pain can delay falling asleep, prevent deep sleep, and interrupt REM sleep. What is more frustrating for many arthritis sufferers is that the lack of sleep can actually increase joint pain, and in the long run, will affect bone density and strength. A high quality latex mattress that is handcrafted to suit your individual needs can address these issues and help arthritis sufferers get the quality sleep that they need.


While it is common to experience insomnia in short periods, long-term insomnia can have serious, detrimental effects on health. Research has uncovered that many long-term insomniacs are extremely sensitive to their sleeping environment, and factors such as temperature, lighting and comfort will greatly impact their ability to fall asleep. Many insomnia sufferers have noted that a change in mattress – for example, something hand tailored to their body shape – can greatly improve their sleeping environment and their chance of overcoming insomnia.

Chronic Diseases

Quality sleep can greatly minimise the dangers of chronic diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, depression and diabetes. This is another chicken and egg scenario – lack of sleep contributes to chronic disease, and many chronic diseases lead to interrupted, low quality sleep. Whether you’re a current sufferer of chronic disease or looking at prevention strategies, it is important to consider whether your mattress is helping or hindering your position.


Sleep deprivation has a direct effect on weight management. Individuals who struggle to get a comfortable night’s sleep often have to increase their calorie intake during the day to keep their energy levels up. A poor sleep will also affect the metabolic system, changing the way food and energy is processed and potentially leading to weight gain. For many, improving the quality of their mattress can greatly increase the quality of sleep, thereby restoring balance to the metabolism and staving off long-term weight problems.

Having a quality, tailored mattress can make a real change to your life, resulting in a happier and healthier you. To read more about the benefits of choosing a latex mattress, check out our page ‘Why Latex’. Can you afford to not make a change?

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