What is the Best Soft Mattress?

Best Soft Mattress

When looking for a soft mattress, natural latex can provide a soft feel with gentle pressure relief for the entire body that does not compromise spinal support. With its naturally elasticity and buoyancy, latex offers softness without the ‘sinking’ sensation that is common with memory foam. This can help prevent discomfort and back pain.

It is important to note that the density of the latex is matched to the body weight of the sleeper. This means that a medium or medium soft for one person may feel soft or extra soft for someone else. For this reason, it is essential to book a sleep consultation with one of our Sleep Specialists who can help you select a mattress in the correct density to offer more support and ensuring the ultimate night’s sleep.

Latex will naturally contour to your body shape, adjusting to respond to every move, twist or turn you make in your sleep. This responsiveness greatly reduces partner disturbances as any ripple effect caused by movement is greatly minimised. While other soft mattresses tend to trap body heat, particularly memory foam and innerspring mattresses, latex is inherently self-ventilating, helping you to sleep cool through the night. As the natural properties of latex also discourage dust mites and bed bugs from breeding making it hypoallergenic, it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. These additional benefits make latex the best mattress materials for anyone who prefers a soft mattress.

Soft mattresses reviewed in this article:

The best soft mattresses from the Latex Mattress Australia range include our Pure Comfort and Pure Indulgence. Each of these mattresses have density options that will suit those who prefer a softer mattress surface. Read on to discover which plush mattress from our luxury collection is best suited to which body types, sleeping positions and firmness preferences.

Pure Comfort soft latex mattress

Mattress summary

Our most popular mattress, the Pure Comfort is tailor made for luxurious comfort and gentle support. There are three firmness options to suit the specific preferences and needs of those seeking a restoratively deep sleep. Made with the highest quality natural materials and encased in a removable and machine washable Tencel® cover that adds to the cloud-like feeling of the mattress, Pure Comfort features seven orthopedically designed zones that support each area of your body throughout the night. The best density for softness would be the soft/medium/soft configuration. However, this is dependent on your body weight. We recommend soft/firm/soft for those sleepers above 90kgs.

Am I suited to the Pure Comfort?

The luxury Pure Comfort mattress is ideal for all sleeping styles and body types. For any couple with a weight or comfort disparity, this mattress is sure to meet the preferences of both individuals simultaneously. However, if you are seeking a mattress that takes the inherent sleep preference differences of you and your partner into account, you may like to select the split king option. With this configuration, you and your partner no longer need to compromise your comfort as each side can have individually customised densities.


  • Latex depth: 250mm

  • Total height: 280mm

  • Fully reversible

  • Sizes available: Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Custom Size

  • Available densities – three layers of latex:
    50mm Soft / 150mm Medium / 50mm Soft
    50mm Soft / 150mm Firm / 50mm Soft
    50mm Firm / 150mm Firm / 50mm Firm

  • Handcrafted in Australia 

  • 21 year guarantee

  • Adjustable bed base friendly

Pure Indulgence soft latex mattress

Mattress summary

Pure Indulgence latex mattress is for those who refuse to compromise on luxury. Each detail has been carefully crafted for sumptuous comfort and support. Encased in a quilted silk cover, the Pure Indulgence mattress is hand stitched using only the highest quality materials. It features our signature seven orthopedically designed zones for optimal spinal support and pressure relief. For a softer mattress, the soft/firm/soft density option will provide extra cushioning and a luxuriously plush mattress feel.

Am I suited to the Pure Indulgence?

The luxury Pure Indulgence mattress, with its naturally buoyant nature and central support core dedicated to your orthopedic wellbeing, will suit all sleeping styles and body types. It is also ideal for those who value the flexibility of multiple firmness preferences which can be adjusted with ease to suit current needs. The split king option is perfect for couples who have inherently different sleep preferences as each side can be uniquely customised to suit each individual without compromising either party’s comfort.


  • Total height: 330mm

  • Latex depth: 250mm

  • Fully reversible 

  • Sizes available: Long Single, King Single, Queen, King, Super King, Split King (two Long Singles), Custom Size

  • Densities available:
    50mm Soft / 150mm Firm / 50mm Soft
    50mm Firm / 150mm Firm / 50mm Firm

  • Handcrafted in Australia

  • 21 year guarantee

  • Adjustable bed base friendly


What are the benefits of a soft mattress?

  • Pressure relief: Plush, soft mattresses can offer pressure relief and better conform to the body’s shape, reducing pressure points and providing a more comfortable sleep surface.

  • Improved spinal alignment: A soft mattress can help promote proper spinal alignment by reducing pressure on the hips, shoulders, and other joints, allowing the spine to maintain its natural curve.

  • Enhanced comfort: A soft mattress can provide a more comfortable sleeping surface, allowing you to sink into the bed and experience a cozy, plush feel.

  • Reduced motion transfer: Soft mattresses can absorb motion better than firmer mattresses, making them ideal for couples who don’t want to disturb each other’s sleep.

  • Better circulation: Plush mattresses can help improve circulation by reducing pressure on your blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow throughout the body.

  • Reduced snoring: Plush mattresses can help reduce snoring by allowing the airway to remain open, promoting better breathing and reducing the likelihood of snoring.

Who is a soft mattress best for?

While back sleepers and stomach sleepers may benefit from a more firm mattress, soft mattresses are often recommended for side sleepers as they offer better pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, reducing discomfort and improving sleep quality. Lightweight people, the elderly and those who suffer from health issues such as bursitis, osteoarthritis and injuries may also find a softer mattress to be preferable. For those with bursitis and osteoarthritis, a soft mattress can help cushion the joints and reduce pain and discomfort while sleeping. Individuals recovering from injuries can benefit from a soft mattress’s ability to reduce pressure points and promote better circulation, aiding in the healing process.

Accessories to complement your soft mattress

Make your bed extra soft with a top comfort layer or more supportive with a pure latex pillow.

Pure latex pillows

Pair your luxury latex mattress with a pure and natural latex pillow. Ergonomically crafted and softly sculpted, a Latex Mattress Australia latex pillow is highly effective in its own right, preventing or sometimes rectifying back and neck ache by ensuring your spine is correctly aligned while you sleep. We have four options to choose with each option being ideally suited to the needs and preferences of the sleeper. Each pillow also comes with a five year guarantee for complete peace of mind. You can explore our range here.

Mattress toppers

A mattress topper can add extra softness to an already plush mattress. Adding a mattress topper can also be a way to revive or soften an existing mattress that is creating undue pressure and causing you discomfort through the night. Designed to relieve pressure, whilst maintaining optimal spinal alignment, our pure and natural latex mattress topper will be the perfect solution to a refreshing and revitalising night’s sleep. You can learn more about this product here.

Soft mattress FAQs

Can a latex mattress be soft?

Yes, a latex mattress can be soft. In fact, latex with its natural elasticity and cushioning properties, is known for its ability to provide a soft and comfortable sleeping surface while still offering support. The level of softness in a latex mattress can vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the latex layer, the density of the latex, and the firmness level of the underlying support layers.

Latex mattresses are also designed to distribute the body weight of the sleeper evenly through the night, which can reduce pressure points at the hips and shoulders and help to prevent discomfort or pain. This can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from back or joint pain, especially if this is worse when waking up from your rest.

Is it better to have a soft mattress or firm mattress?

The choice between a soft or firm mattress ultimately depends on personal preference, health factors and individual sleeping habits.

A soft mattress can provide a more cushioned feel, allowing for greater pressure relief on the body’s sensitive areas, such as the hips and shoulders. This can be beneficial for those who prefer to sleep on their side or who have chronic pain or conditions that affect their comfort. On the other hand, a firm mattress can offer more support, helping to keep the spine in a neutral position and preventing it from sinking too deeply into the bed. This can be beneficial for those who sleep on their back or stomach and who require a firmer surface to maintain proper alignment and prevent pain or discomfort. As a latex mattress is inherently responsive, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a soft yet supportive mattress.

It’s important to note that the ideal level of firmness may also depend on a person’s body weight, as heavier individuals may require a firmer mattress to prevent sinking too deeply, while lighter individuals may benefit from a softer surface to allow for more contouring and pressure relief.

Can you make a firm mattress softer?

Yes, by adding a mattress topper which is a top comfort layer of latex foam to a firmer mattress you can create a softer bed — to an extent. It is important to note that some mattresses may not be able to be made significantly softer though, particularly if they are designed to be very firm for specific support needs. In those cases, a mattress topper can provide some extra cushioning but may not drastically alter the feel of the mattress.

Can a soft mattress cause back problems?

Yes, a soft mattress can cause back problems for some people, though it depends entirely on the materials used as well as the health factors and weight of the sleeper. A mattress that is too soft for the sleeper may not offer enough support for the spine, which can result in back pain or discomfort through the night. A soft latex mattress will be less likely to cause back problems as it is inherently more buoyant and supportive than a memory foam or innerspring mattress would be. Still, if you are someone who suffers from back, neck or joint pain, it is important to chat to our Sleep Specialists who will be able to help you decide whether a soft mattress would be right for your needs or if you would benefit from something firmer.

How do I know is my mattress is too firm?

There are a few signs which may indicate your mattress is too firm. A mattress that is too firm can put additional stress on the body which can lead to waking up with general aches and pains, particularly of the back, neck or joints. If you wake up through the night or in the morning and feel soreness or discomfort around the hips, shoulders or knees, this can be an indication that the firmness of your mattress is creating pressure points. More generally, if you have trouble getting into a comfortable position as you fall asleep or wake up repeatedly through the night, it may be time to consider a new mattress or adding a top comfort layer for extra softness.

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