Is latex Hot?

Here at Latex Mattress Australia we want you to have as much information as you need to make the perfect choice. Afterall, the purchase of a new sleeping package is one of the most important investments you will make in your ongoing health and wellbeing. This way, you can rest assured with your final decision and enjoy a future of blissful, healthy sleep night after night.

There are certain questions and concerns that are brought up with our Sleep Specialists time and time again. Often these are based on misinformation, misconception or industry trends.
We thought it would be helpful to cover some of these issues simply and clearly one by one in an occasional forum. Every few weeks we will discuss some of these most frequently asked questions and help to educate our customers about the various mattress options on the market.
To start this off, we will talk about the often-circulated notion that latex mattresses generate heat and make for an uncomfortable and hot sleeping experience.

In discussing this issue, we will be covering the crucial differences between 100% Pure Latex, Synthetic Latex and Composites that have a degree of latex as a component.

Before we get into a description of these three categories, remember that once you start adding chemically, man made manufactured ingredients you are messing with the natural cell structure of the latex and therefore negating many of the truly excellent qualities of the 100% Pure Natural Latex that we use at Latex Mattress Australia. Remember the addition of less breathable materials impedes air flow. The major advice here is; please be wary.

Synthetic Latex is a misnomer, a product is either synthetic – that is, manmade, or it is natural – such as latex. Thus, synthetic latex is a man-made product attempting to impersonate the qualities of latex. These products include memory foam, polyurethane foam and combination layers of a variety of different substances. Synthetic latex contains no actual latex and can do no better than mimic the genuine product. Sure, you will be paying a lot less but don’t be fooled into thinking you are getting something that you are not.

Composite or blended latex is made of latex diluted with additives such as polyurethane, clay, chalks and fibrous substances. This means it contains latex but the percentage of latex to additives can vary enormously and is very difficult to determine. Unfortunately, latex with additives can still technically be called natural latex in Australia.

100% Pure Natural Latex speaks for itself. It is the sap alone from the rubber tree which is basically heat treated to form your mattress. The sap is processed into blocks which have a natural open cell structure allowing natural airflow. This airflow is further enhanced with the presence of pinholes which are created as part of the manufacturing process. Add to this, the fact that whilst you are sleeping, when you move air moves in and out of the pinholes and the natural open cell structure. The perfect combination for maximum airflow so there is no trapping of heat and certainly no chemical reaction to your body heat.

Synthetic materials trap heat in a closed cell structure and therefore can feel hotter.
Now let’s talk about other important factors to ensure the optimum sleep experience. Mattress covers must be made from natural fibres. These again maximise airflow and wick away moisture. At Latex Mattress Australia we use only Bamboo, Tencel – which is made from eucalypt fibre – or Natural Silk. Our covers are easily removeable and able to be washed and/or dry cleaned.
We recommend you complement your 100% Pure Natural Latex Mattress with a Tencel Mattress Protector. This does exactly what the name suggests. That is, protects your investment. As simple as washing your sheets having a protector will eliminate things such as perspiration and other nasties.

The final factor to provide the optimum sleep conditions is consideration of your mattress base. A solid slate timber base will provide excellent support and optimise airflow.
All in all, 100% Pure Natural Latex is really the only way to go for calm, supportive, cool and restful sleep. You will thank yourself every day and you deserve it.

We thought it would be helpful to cover some of these issues a couple at a time in an occasional forum. The second issue we would like to deal with in this instalment is another frequently raised concern.

weight and manoeuvrability of Latex Mattresses

Let’s face it; all mattresses are quite heavy and can be cumbersome to move around. This will generally require two people and a bit of patience. Latex mattresses are not light, there is no getting around that fact. Would you want a mattress that had no heft to it? No heft can be equated with poor support and limited longevity. Genuine pure natural Latex being a “pure natural” product from the rubber tree is however, extremely flexible. A 100% Pure Natural Latex Mattress bends readily.

At Latex Mattress Australia we actually deliver all our mattresses folded in half with no detriment to the product and no compromising of the material. The Mattresses when unwrapped simply flatten out perfectly onto your bed base. Keep in mind that our use of only natural fibres in our mattress covers ensures a perfect finish when unfolded.
The great benefit of this flexibility is that it is very easy to change your bedding and make your bed.

Other mattresses are not only heavy but also quite stiff. This means the simple daily act of making your bed can be very difficult. Add to this the fact that tucking in sheets etc can be very bad for ones with a sore back. A pure natural latex bends beautifully at the corners, thus bed making is so much less of a chore.

Another important factor regarding the flexibility of our Latex Mattress Australia mattresses is the versatility when it comes to turning your mattress. All our mattresses are completely reversible. This means they can be tuned end to end and top to bottom. We recommend that you turn your mattress every few months. Beware of so – called latex mattresses that you are told are only one sided and cannot be turned over. A 100% pure natural latex mattress is made from a block of latex and therefore, is inherently the same on both sides.


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