Guest Blog – Why do we Need Sleep?

Sleep. We love it, we need it, but are we actually getting enough? If you’re spending the night tossing and turning, lying awake for hours, waking frequently during the night, you’re not alone. According to a recent global survey, eight in 10 adults wish they could sleep better. Despite the importance of sleep, 60 per cent of those surveyed also admitted to never actually taking steps to improve the quality of sleep.

Why we need sleep?

So why do we need sleep? More importantly, why do we need the seven to nine hours recommended by scientists? Studies have shown that feeling energised, refreshed and clear-headed are just three of the positive effects of having a good nights sleep. And it makes sense, as sleep plays a critical role in brain function and systemic physiology, including metabolism, appetite regulation, and the functioning of immune, hormonal, and cardiovascular systems. In summary, the price of poor sleep can include poor mood, poor food choices, and overall poor health. So what can you do to break the cycle and get a little more rest?

Some of our favourites include upgrading your bedtime ritual, nourishing foods, calming your mind and training your breath, and of course, magnesium.

Benefits of magnesium on sleep?

You may have heard the rumours about magnesium and restful sleep, and according to medical professionals, they’re all true. Renowned sleep specialist and neurologist Dr Christopher Winter states magnesium plays an important role in plenty of bodily functions: metabolism, blood sugar regulation, bone health, and nerve and muscle function, among other things. And, no surprise, it plays a crucial role in sleep, too. Research has shown that on sleep specifically, magnesium is associated with significant improvement in sleep time, sleep efficiency, sleep onset latency, serum cortisol concentration, serum renin, and melatonin. It also plays a role in supporting that deep, restorative sleep we all crave by maintaining healthy levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. When the GABA receptors aren’t activated, we tend to remain tense, our thoughts race, and we lie in bed staring at the ceiling. Magnesium’s role is to activate the receptors needed to “switch off” our brains at night.

So how do you get your Magnesium (and sleep) fix?

… We’ve got you covered.  Cue the incredible new Magnesium Pro Sleep Lotion, the most concentrated, highly bio-available form of Magnesium infused with serene essential oils (including Lavender & Chamomile), an absolute essential for your bedtime routine.

Amazing Oils Team  – amazingoils.com.au

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