More mattresses equals more waste

Mattresses are fast becoming a global environmental issue. Mattresses are big and bulky, take up significant square meterage in landfill waste, and it’s estimated that each year millions of mattresses are being dumped across the globe. With a traditional spring mattress taking 80-120 years to decompose, this presents a huge issue on what to do with all the old and uncomfortable mattresses.

Mattress waste is growing therefore it is becoming more important to minimise our impact on the environment and consider the long-term affect our purchasing decisions are having on the planets ecological balance. By opting for environmentally friendly products, we limit our ecological footprint by conserving limited resources, safeguarding the planet for our future generations.

Have you ever wondered what the most sustainable mattress choice is? Here are three reasons we believe natural latex is the right choice if you want to reduce your environmental footprint.

Choose Biodegradable

Pure latex is a natural material, harvested from the rubber tree. Being an all-natural product, pure latex mattresses are environmentally friendly and entirely biodegradable. While you would still dispose of this type of mattress in landfill, it will break down much faster than other mattress types.

However, it is important to note that not all latex mattresses are created equal. Blended or synthetic latex mattresses use synthetic fillers, such as kaolin clay, calcium oxide or titanium dioxide to harden latex and imitate the feel of genuine latex, which lengthens the natural decomposition process. In short, to be fully biodegradable, and have the least environmental impact, the latex needs to be 100% natural and not a latex blend.


Rubber trees are not harmed or cut down during the extraction process, rather, the tree is ‘tapped’ by slicing a groove into the bark of the tree. Rubber trees are able to be tapped after seven years, and continuously drip the sap for up to 30 years. When done responsibly, rubber production increases biodiversity and helps capture and store carbon dioxide, assisting rubber trees to halt the trend of deforestation.

At Latex Mattress Australia, we are serious about environmental sustainability. We use only 100% pure and natural latex sourced from sustainable plantations in Malaysia, and manufacture using the Dunlop process.

We use materials that will stand the test of time, reducing the need to replace a mattress every 7-10 years.

Pure and natural latex mattress

Long Lasting

Natural latex made using the Dunlop process retains the intrinsic green strength and characteristics of the natural product of rubber, a feat impossible to be replicated by a man-made product. These qualities such as high elasticity and resilience make natural latex more durable than any other mattress material and not only does that mean natural latex lasts longer, it also keeps you suspended on top of the mattress.

In addition, each of our mattresses can be rotated and flipped to further increase the lifespan of your mattress. We stand behind our mattresses with a 21 year guarantee, over double the length of the industry standard. Providing the mattress is well cared for a latex mattress can last up to 30 years.

It’s not too late to start making more environmentally conscious decisions – it’s about making everyday choices that will made a big difference. We can become more conscious of where we spend approximately eight hours a day – our mattress.

If your existing mattress isn’t in good enough condition to be donated to a charity, there are lots of ways to recycle your mattress so the materials can be recovered and reused. Your local council is a great place to start.

To learn more about natural latex visit our Comparing Latex page.

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