Celebrating Australian Craftsmanship

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Latex Mattress Australia’s story began in 1955. Starting in Archerfield, Brisbane, the brand has always been an Australian owned and operated family business.

Current owner, Trixie Wilson purchased the business in 2005 after developing a deep affinity with the brand when she purchased one of the brand’s mattresses. She remembers the positive effects that switching to a Latex Mattress Australia latex mattress had on her sleep quality to this day. 

“It completely changed my sleep,” says Trixie, “I have never looked back.”

Trixie has a passion for health and wellbeing and this has driven her to turn Latex Mattress Australia into the leading luxury latex mattress manufacturer in Australia.

Under Trixie’s expert guidance, the brand has grown exponentially. When she first purchased the business, the company only made the Pure Support mattress, however, over time, Trixie has added to the range, setting the new benchmark in latex luxury.

Celebrating Australian Craftsmanship
Ken, one of the master craftsmen, hand stitches the exquisite silk cover for our Pure Indulgence mattress in our manufacturing facility in Queensland.

Alongside the original Pure Support mattress, which has gone on to win multiple awards as Australia’s highest rated latex mattress, the brand offers the Pure Comfort, Pure Trio and Pure Indulgence mattresses – delivering a diverse range of luxurious latex mattresses for clients to choose from.

“We send our mattresses sight unseen all over Australia,” says Trixie. “Our team of skilful Sleep Specialists match our clients to the perfect mattress for their unique needs and then each mattress is expertly handcrafted to order.”

Meticulously sourcing the world’s finest natural materials, Trixie explains how each mattress features materials with lasting heirloom quality.

“We use only the finest natural materials for the most luxurious finishes and ultimate in durability. Our mattresses are finished in either silk, bamboo or Tencel®, a natural fibre derived from the raw wood pulp of plantation-grown Eucalyptus trees.”

Office New Farm LR 11
New Farm, Brisbane Showroom

Dedicated to supporting the community, the company donates a portion of their profits to RizeUp in an effort to address the major prevailing issue of family and domestic violence. The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society by generating life-changing, practical support for the families affected. “Giving back to those families escaping Domestic Violence is a cause close to my heart,” says Trixie. 

Nicolle Edwards RizeUp and Trixie Wilson Pure Trio
Nicolle Edwards (RizeUp) and Trixie Wilson

This year Trixie says that the company is exploring the option of opening a showroom in Melbourne, adding to their Brisbane and Sydney stores.

“We receive many enquiries from Melbourne. We would like to open a showroom soon so our Melbourne clients can experience our mattresses firsthand.” 

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