Australian Mattress Sizes Explained: A Complete Guide for a Better Sleep

Choosing the right mattress can transform your sleep quality and overall wellbeing. This guide is your essential companion in understanding Australian mattress sizes, from single bed considerations to the expansive super king. It compares the seven most common bed sizes in Australia. Whether your priority is having the most space possible, who the mattress is for, your budget, your height and weight, your preferred sleep position, or the size of your bedroom, selecting the appropriate bed size is crucial.
When it comes to bedrooms, everyone has different priorities. At Latex Mattress Australia, our experts are here to help you find the perfect mattress based on your unique sleeping preferences. We provide all the valuable tips and facts you need to ensure you make the right choice for a good night’s sleep.

Single icon


920mm(W) x 1880mm(L)

Long Single icon

long single

920mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

King single icon

king single

1070mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

double icon


1380mm(W) x 1880mm(L)

Queen icon


1530mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

king icon


1830mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Split king icon

split king

1830mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

super king icon

super king

2030mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress Size

When embarking on the journey to select the ideal mattress size, several factors must be considered to ensure your choice enhances your sleep quality and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and bedroom space. Here’s a structured approach to guide your decision-making process:

Room Size and Mattress Space:

  • Available Space in the Room: Before deciding on a mattress size, measure your bedroom to ensure there’s enough space for the bed and additional furniture such as bedside tables, ensuring you allow for comfortable movement around the room.
  • Mattress Size and Dimensions: Consider the dimensions of the mattress. For singles or couples, a Queen size might suffice, but for those desiring more space, a King or Super King might be more appropriate.

Personal Considerations:

  • Height and Weight: Your height and weight play a crucial role in selecting the right mattress size. Aim for a mattress that is 30 cm longer than your body length for optimal comfort. The width of your mattress should be at least 90 cm to allow for freedom of movement.
  • Preferred Sleep Position: Your sleep position affects the amount of space you need. Side sleepers may require less width, but back or stomach sleepers, or those who move around a lot, might appreciate the extra space provided by larger mattresses.

Sleeping Partners:

If you’re sharing the bed, consider your partner’s needs as well. A King or Super King mattress offers extra width, reducing disturbances for partners with different sleeping patterns.

Budget and Material Considerations:

  • Budget: Larger mattresses generally come with a higher price tag. Assess your budget to determine which mattress sizes are financially viable options for you.
  • Materials and Firmness: The materials and firmness of the mattress affect comfort and support. Test different mattresses in-store to find what suits you best.

By taking into account the size of your bedroom, your personal comfort preferences, and your budget, you can navigate the diverse landscape of Australian mattress sizes to find the perfect fit for a restful night’s sleep. Remember, testing a mattress in-store by moving around, lying in your typical sleep position, and bringing your partner if you share the bed can provide valuable insights into the right mattress size and type for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Each Mattress Size

When considering the pros and cons of each Australian mattress size, it’s crucial to assess how each dimension aligns with individual needs, including space, budget, physical characteristics, preferred sleep positions, and bedroom size. This comprehensive comparison aids in making an informed decision tailored to your unique requirements.

Single Mattress

Single mattresses, measuring 92 cm x 188 cm, are the smallest standard bed size in Australia, making them an ideal choice for younger children and individuals with limited space. They are perfectly suited for kids, teens, and adults, offering a versatile solution for small rooms or shared spaces. Here’s a breakdown of the single mattress dimensions and who it’s best suited for:

Single icon


920mm(W) x 1880mm(L)

Space: Ideal for small rooms, offering sufficient space for one person without consuming too much floor area.
Budget: Most economical, suitable for those with a tighter budget.
Suitability: Perfect for children, teens, and adults with a smaller stature or those who prefer a cozy sleeping area.
Sleep Position: Adequate for all sleep positions due to the mattress being designed for one person.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Fits comfortably in smaller bedrooms or studio apartments.

Latex Mattress Australia, a renowned mattress manufacturer, offers a Single mattress size across various ranges to cater to all budgets and lifestyle needs. The brand emphasizes the handmade nature of its products ensuring that each mattress meets their high-quality standards. For those requiring slightly more room, larger single mattress sizes are available, such as the Long Single and the King Single , providing additional length for taller individuals or those who prefer more space to stretch out.

Pros of Single Mattresses:

  • Economical and budget friendly.
  • Space-saving design ideal for small rooms.
  • Suitable for children, teens, and single adults.

Cons of Single Mattresses:

  • Not ideal for sharing, as it’s designed for one person.
  • May not provide enough space for taller individuals or those who prefer more sleeping area.

Single mattresses offer a practical solution for those with limited space or on a tight budget. They provide enough room for one person to sleep comfortably, making them a popular choice for children’s bedrooms and smaller living spaces.

long single mattress

A long single mattress is a slightly larger version of the standard single mattress, providing additional length to accommodate taller individuals or those who prefer more space to stretch out while still catering to the space-saving needs of smaller rooms. Here’s a breakdown of the long single mattress and its suitability:

Long Single icon


920mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Space: Provides ample space for one person without occupying excessive floor area, making it suitable for smaller rooms or shared spaces where a larger bed might not fit.
Budget: Like the standard single mattress, the long single mattress is economical and budget-friendly, making it ideal for those with financial constraints.
Suitability: Perfect for taller individuals, teenagers, and adults who prefer a more spacious sleeping area without compromising the room’s space.
Sleep Position: Adequate for all sleep positions, ensuring comfort and support for individuals of varying sleeping preferences.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Fits comfortably in smaller bedrooms or studio apartments, catering to the space limitations often found in urban living spaces.

Latex Mattress Australia is a well-respected company known for producing high-quality mattresses. They offer a range of long single mattress sizes to accommodate different budgets and lifestyle requirements. The brand prioritizes handmade craftsmanship, ensuring that each mattress meets their rigorous quality standards.
For those in need of an even larger sleeping area, options such as the King Single are available, providing extra width for individuals who desire more space to move around during sleep.

A long single mattress is the same length as a queen and king mattress. Two long single mattresses put together equals a king size.

Pros of Long Single Mattresses:

  • Extra length compared to standard single mattresses, catering to taller individuals.
  • Budget-friendly and space-saving, ideal for smaller rooms or shared spaces.
  • Suitable for teenagers, adults, and individuals who prefer a more spacious sleeping area.

Cons of Long Single Mattresses:

  • Not designed for sharing, as it’s intended for one person.
  • May not provide enough width for individuals who desire more sleeping area.

A Long single mattress offers a practical solution for those who need extra length without compromising on space-saving benefits. It’s well-suited for individuals who require more sleeping space than a standard single mattress provides, making it an excellent choice for taller individuals and those with limited room space.

king single mattress

The King Single mattress offers a generous amount of space for individuals seeking more room than a traditional single bed provides. This size is particularly ideal for:

King single icon


1070mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Space: Generous space for one, offering extra room compared to a single mattress for added comfort.
Budget: More affordable than larger mattresses, yet provides additional space, making it a smart choice for those who value comfort and space efficiency.
Suitability: Perfect for individuals who enjoy extra room to stretch out or for younger people as they grow.
Sleep Position: Ideal for any sleep position, giving ample space to change positions easily without running out of room.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Fits well in smaller bedrooms or multi-use rooms without overwhelming the space, providing a balance between comfort and room size.

In terms of versatility and space-saving, the King Single mattress strikes a perfect balance. It fits well in smaller bedrooms where a Double or Queen bed might be too imposing, yet offers more sleeping area than a Single mattress.
Latex Mattress Australia’s range of King Single mattresses includes various models like Pure Comfort, Pure Support, and Pure Indulgence, each designed to cater to different preferences in terms of back support, comfort layers, and firmness options. Additionally, Latex Mattress Australia offers adjustable bed bases specifically designed to compliment the King Single mattress, ensuring a cohesive and supportive sleep system. For customers looking to find their perfect mattress match, talk to one of our sleep specialist today who can recommend the best option for you.

Two king single mattresses together is larger than a super king, but is proving to be a popular option for those couples who would like their own mattress.

Pros of kING Single Mattresses:

  • Provides extra width and length for growing children, teens, and taller adults, ensuring a comfortable sleep
  • Suitable for teenagers, adults, and individuals who prefer a more spacious sleeping area.

Cons of KING Single Mattresses:

  • Not suitable for two people, limiting its use to individuals.

The King Single mattress offers a unique combination of comfort, space, and versatility, making it a popular choice among Australians for different age groups and room sizes.

double mattress

Double mattresses, often referred to as full beds, are a versatile option that strikes a balance between size and functionality. They cater to a broad audience, including teens, young adults, and single sleepers who appreciate extra space. Here’s a closer look at the double mattress size and its suitability for different users:

double icon


1380mm(W) x 1880mm(L)

Space: Offers more room than a single, suitable for one adult or two children.
Budget: Mid-range, providing a balance between cost and comfort.
Suitability: Ideal for teenagers, young adults, or guest rooms.
Sleep Position: Suitable for side sleepers or those who do not require extensive space to move during sleep.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Requires a moderately sized room to ensure a comfortable fit without overcrowding.

Pros of DOUBLE Mattresses:

  • Accommodates two teenagers or adults , making it a versatile choice for guest rooms.
  • Provides ample space for one person, offering a comfortable sleep experience without the constraints of a smaller bed.

Cons of DOUBLE Mattresses:

  • May feel cramped for two adults sharing the bed, as the width might not provide enough personal space for each person.
  • There are not as many linen options in a double mattress size

Alongside mattresses, Latex Mattress also offers Adjustable Double bed bases enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of your sleeping area. For those uncertain about the best mattress for their needs, talk to one our expert sleep specialist who can recommend the most suitable options, making the selection process easier and more tailored to individual requirements.

queen mattress

The Queen Mattress stands out as a versatile and widely favoured choice among Australian mattress sizes, catering to a broad spectrum of sleepers with its generous dimensions of 153cm x 203cm. Recognized for its adaptability, the queen size mattress accommodates individuals seeking ample space, couples of various ages, and even parents with kids for those cozy Saturday mornings. Here’s a deeper dive into why the queen mattress size is such a popular pick:

Queen icon


1530mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Space: Spacious for one, comfortable for two, making it versatile for various user needs.
Budget: The most popular mattress size, offering value for couples or those who enjoy extra space.
Suitability: Couples, individuals desiring more room, or parents sharing with a child.
Sleep Position: Accommodates all sleep positions comfortably, providing ample space to move freely.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Best suited for medium to large bedrooms, ensuring there’s enough space around the bed.

Latex Mattress Australia’s queen mattresses are specifically designed to enhance sleep quality by maintaining spinal alignment and cushioning pressure points, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Pros of QUEEN Mattresses:

  • Spacious enough for couples and ideal for individuals seeking extra room.
  • Fits well in most bedroom sizes without dominating the space.
  • Offers a balance between comfort, space, and affordability.

Cons of QUEEN Mattresses:

  • While spacious, may not suit every bedroom size, especially smaller rooms where space is at a premium.

Whether you’re a single adult desiring more sleeping space, a couple looking for a comfortable night’s sleep, or a parent wanting to snuggle with kids on lazy mornings, the queen mattress provides a versatile and appealing option.

king mattress

When considering upgrading to a King mattress, it’s essential to understand its dimensions, suitability, and how it fits into your lifestyle and bedroom space. Here’s a breakdown to help you make an informed decision:

Queen icon


1830mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Space: Luxurious space for two, allowing both individuals ample personal space.
Budget: On the higher end.
Suitability: Couples looking for maximum personal space and families with young children.
Sleep Position: Ideal for any sleep position, offering extensive space to move and adjust without disturbance.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Requires a large bedroom to accommodate its dimensions comfortably, ensuring the room doesn’t feel cramped.

Pros of KING Mattresses:

  • Provides extra width for more space and comfort, ideal for couples or individuals in search of optimal, undisturbed sleep.
  • Accommodates growing families comfortably, allowing for shared bed moments without feeling cramped
  • A split king (two long singles) is a very popular option – completely negating partner disturbance and allows each person to have their own sleeping position when paired with an adjustable bed base.

Cons of KING Mattresses:

  • Requires enough space in the bedroom to fit the bed comfortably without crowding the room.

Latex Mattress Australia, with over 75years of history in the industry, offers a comprehensive range of King latex mattresses tailored to individual needs and lifestyles. Whether you prefer the luxurious feel of the King Pure Indulgence, the firmer support of the King Pure Support, or the customisable options of the King Pure Comfort, there’s a King mattress designed for your unique sleep profile. Talk to our Sleep Specialists today to discover your perfect mattress match, ensuring your investment leads to many nights of blissful sleep.

super king mattress

For those seeking unparalleled luxury and space in their sleeping arrangements, the Super King Mattress emerges as the pinnacle of comfort and indulgence.

Queen icon


2030mm(W) x 2030mm(L)

Space: The epitome of luxury and space, providing an expansive area for sleepers.
Budget: The most significant investment, suitable for those prioritizing ultimate comfort and space.
Suitability: Couples desiring unparalleled personal space, luxury seekers, large families.
Sleep Position: Perfect for any sleep position, especially beneficial for active sleepers or those with specific sleep needs.
Bedroom Size Requirement: Necessitates a very spacious bedroom to fit the mattress while maintaining room aesthetics and functionality.

Pros of super KING Mattresses:

  • Maximizes comfort, allowing partners to stretch out without disturbing each other, ideal for various sleep positions.
  • Offers an unparalleled level of luxury and indulgence in sleep experience.

Cons of SUPER KING Mattresses:

  • Requires significant bedroom space to accommodate its dimensions comfortably.
  • More difficult to find linen, super king sized linen is not typically available in all linen options.
  • May necessitate a higher budget due to its size and the need for two bases to support the expansive mattress.

The Super King Mattress, measuring an impressive 20cm wider than a King mattress, not only signifies an upgrade in size but also in the quality of sleep and comfort it delivers. It stands as a testament to luxury in the realm of sleep solutions, catering to those who prioritize space, comfort, and the indulgence of sprawling out in an unbounded sleeping environment.

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