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You’re Never Too Young To Worry About Back Support

Kids are tough by nature; they have the ability to tackle anything and anyone head on. They could take a tumble and walk away without even realising that their knees are torn. It’s for this reason that when one associates back pain with children, it’s met with a confused shrug of the shoulders. Back pain is a condition linked predominately with adults, however, more research is being released with conclusive evidence stating that children also suffer from back pain. A Finnish study that was published in the British Medical Journal demonstrates that children aged between twelve and eighteen suffer from regular lower back pain with the numbers have doubled over the past sixteen years. If your child is complaining of soreness in their back, here are some common causes and easy solutions.

Heavy Back Packs

Despite the fact most children use a computer at school, their backpacks are filled to the brim with books, lunch goodies, stationary, and sports gear. All of these items crammed together makes for one seriously heavy bag. Can you imagine carrying at least an extra five kilos around on your back at lunch time, or on the walk home with an unsupported bag? To avoid extra stress on their backs, opt for a backpack that is made from lightweight materials, a padded back and shoulder straps, and a waist and shoulder strap for extra support.

Lumpy Mattresses

Has your teenager been snoozing on the same lumpy foam since they graduated from the cot? Can you remember the last time you turned it over or replaced it? When your teenager lies on the bed, does it look more like they’re lying in a hammock rather than a mattress? If this sounds familiar, it may be the reason why your teen is suffering from spinal aches. Considering growing bodies need a firm but flexible surface; companies like Latex Mattresses Australia can match your teen with the correct bed for their developing body.

Slouching Over the Desk

It’s been said that desk jobs are up there with some of the worst jobs for your health. With our kids spending a long school day behind the desk, followed by a few hours of homework a night at the dining table, they are prone to slouching. The act of slouching significantly exaggerates the spines natural curves, resulting in muscle fatigue and injury. If your child is starting to resemble the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, it might be wise to invest in some correctional devices like a fitness ball. Educating them of the importance of good posture will also encourage them to hold themselves with confidence by holding their heads high, placing shoulder back and walking from the core. Practicing proper posture will mean that they will last longer in the classroom, on the playground, and on the sports field.

These are just some of the common reasons why your child may be suffering from back pain, if any problems persist, it’s in their best interest to visit your local doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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