Why it’s Important to Invest in a Good Mattress

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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of those things that everybody needs but nobody can ever seem to get enough of. In medieval times, sleep deprivation was used as a form of torture for good reason; every possible part of the human body and mind is affected, with negative results.

Poor quality of sleep can be caused by numerous things such as restlessness, pain, or allergies, but all stem back to one main source – old and worn out mattresses.

When we spend an average of 56 hours a week in bed, investing in a good quality mattress is essential in ensuring the best sleep possible. Poor quality sleep can have an affect on so many areas of life, in some people causing:

  • Irritability and moodiness,
  • Depression,
  • Increased stress levels,
  • Headaches,
  • Lack of concentration, and
  • Lethargy

The good news is that getting a refreshing night’s sleep can easily be achieved by anyone. All by simply ensuring you have a good quality mattress! You won’t believe how much old bedding is affecting and dictating the basic quality of sleep until the change is made.

If you’re unsure about whether a new mattress can actually help you to achieve a better night’s sleep than you’re currently getting, here are just some ways your health can be improved with a good mattress.

Reduced back and neck problems

Older mattresses will eventually develop a groove or indent in the bed where a person has been sleeping over the years. This in itself can cause back problems to develop, or can aggravate existing conditions. A new mattress will provide more support for the spine, which means less aches and pains in the morning, leaving a person feeling refreshed instead. Learn more about choosing the right mattress for back pain.

Reduced pain

Sleeping on a mattress that correctly supports the spine and neck reduces the amount of pain a person may experience during sleep. If your muscles are properly supported they can rest and heal, compared to muscles that have to strain to support themselves.

Fall asleep faster

If you have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in and can’t fall asleep because of it, this is generally because your mattress is past its use by date. When the muscles are supported properly they relax, allowing a person to fall asleep much quicker.

Reduced allergies

Sneezing, itchy skin, and watery eyes during the night don’t make for a restful sleep. If you suffer from hayfever and allergies, there’s a fairly good chance that you’re allergic to your mattress, as a large portion of these allergies stem from old bedding. Over time, dust mites can build up in the mattress, particularly in the older-style coil mattresses, even with regular cleaning and vacuuming. The only way to counteract the allergies for a decent sleep is to replace your bedding with a low-allergenic mattress such as a latex mattress.

Lower stress levels

When a person is overtired or fatigued, everything appears more stressful. Patience levels are usually running thin compared to when a person gets a decent sleep, which also then leads to grumpiness. This is because fatigue inhibits the ability to make clear, rational decisions, and increases the anxiety of making these decisions. Stress levels escalate way higher in a fatigued person than those of a rested person.

Overall improved health

Sleeplessness can cause so many other health issues that there are simply too many to list. It has been associated with low fertility, heart disease, immunity and mental health issues, as well as generally feeling run down. Lethargy and lack of motivation are just a few of the psychological side effects.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what type of mattress a person chooses; what is one person’s medium-firm may be another’s super-firm. A mattress should support the neck, spine, and curve in your back without being too hard or too soft. Latex is a great option for people who are uncertain about the type of mattress that’s right for them. Not only is it comfortable to sleep on but it also provides excellent spinal support for those with back issues. The main thing to remember is that it all comes down to personal preference – if you think the mattress is comfortable then it’s probably the right choice for you.

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