Stop Back Pain From Interrupting Your Sleep

According to medical research, over 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. The chairs we sit in, the shoes we wear, the sports we play, the stress in our lives — all contribute to back pain.

If you are one of the many affected by back pain, the last thing you need is a mattress that causes your back to have to work while you sleep. The only way to be assured of a deep, restful night’s sleep is through correct sleep posture.  Your spine must rest in a natural, comfortable position and your body should be supported evenly throughout its length.

If you are sleeping on a mattress that is too firm, your body, not the mattress, does the work. Your shoulders and hips are unable to sink in, instead bending toward one another, resulting in a curved stressed spine. On a mattress that is too soft your body sinks into a hammock position, causing your shoulders and hips to pinch in and your spine to curve.

Sleeping with a curved spine can not only create severe pressure on the joints but also create stress concentrated intensely in the area where the lower vertebrae of the spine connects to the pelvis. This can ultimately aggravate and even lead to lower back pain.  Furthermore, your muscles will remain tight all night trying to protect your spine, never having the chance to fully relax and heal.

Sleeping on a mattress that does not contour and support you evenly can create pressure points that result in poor circulation. Starving your body of the appropriate blood and oxygen flow can create numbness, tingling and can rob your muscles of the ability to battle fatigue and soreness. Your body will spend the night constantly adjusting, trying to get comfortable and never achieving deep restorative sleep.

The average lifespan of spring coil and foam mattresses is 7-10 years and if you get the recommended eight hours of sleep every night, that equates to nearly 30,000 hours spent in bed over a ten year period. During this time your mattress has been steadily ageing and most likely the cause of any discomfort or back pain you may be experiencing. Here are some sure signs your mattress has reached the end of its life

You are waking up with aches and pains

You can’t get comfortable in bed

You are experiencing a sinking sensation when you lay down

You can feel even the slightest movement of your sleeping partner

A natural latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia is individually handcrafted to match your body type providing optimal comfort and postural support for all your body. The multi zone core of our high quality latex will instantly conform to your body profile allowing shoulders and hips to naturally relax while giving firmer support to your lumbar and leg zones. This perfect combination of comfort and support is the same whether you sleep on your back or side. We offer a unique range of mattress designs developed over many years of tailoring comfort and support needs for thousands of Australians.

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