The Hidden Meanings Behind Popular Couple Sleeping Positions

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What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

Do you sleep in close contact or prefer different sides of the bed? The way you sleep can be telling about you as a person. How you position your body with your partner can provide a snapshot into the relationship.

Below we share 10 common sleep styles for couples and what psychologists believe these say about your relationship with your partner.

1. The Honeymoon Hug

For couples new to the relationship, or for those who require intimate contact during sleep. This position occurs when a couple sleeps in a face-to-face embrace, in the early stages of a relationship or immediately following moments of intimacy. It can be a sign of intense love, or an indicator that the couple depends on each other.

2. Spooning

Arguably, the most popular sleep position for couples, especially those who have been together a few years. Spooning provides a sense of physical proximity before the couple breaks away for deep sleep. It also allows one person to play protector over the other.

3. Liberty

Couples who sleep back-to-back, without touching, are an indicator of a heightened level of security and independence with one another. The Liberty shows a couple that brims with confidence and love, while maintaining their respective spaces in the subconscious. At first glance, it appears cold and impersonal, but is actually sign of strong relationship health.

4. Lovers knot

Face-to-face, with legs intertwined for approximately 10 minutes, before separating for sleep is the Lovers’ Knot. It is a healthy compromise of intimacy and independence. The sure sign of a growing, healthy relationship.

5. Lovers

Much like the Lovers’ Knot, except that couples remain with the legs intertwined the entire night. This position reflects a need to be near one another at all times, even in the subconscious. Friends might say this couple is hopelessly devoted to one another.

6. The Romantic

Aptly named, this sleep position is the very picture of romance. One partner rests their head on the other’s chest – legs intertwined. The Romantic is often seen in couples with a vibrant, or reignited love. This is a high level of trust.

7. Cherish

When couples sleep back-to-back, but you touch with your back, they are in Cherish mode. Typically a preference of newer couples and those together for less than a year. A sign of comfort and familiarity, it can often be a lead-in to the Liberty.

8. The Cliffhanger

Both people are lying on either side, far away from each other. They are Cliffhanging. It is not as ominous as it sounds. Many established couples prefer it. But, be careful. Some surveys say that this position is a sign of trouble in the relationship.

9. The Mirror

When two people are lying, facing each other but not touching, this position is sometimes called The Mirror. There is no physical connection, but the closeness says it all. Couples usually show confidence in the relationship, in that they don’t have to be touching.

10. The Superhero

This position can mean any number of things. One partner takes over the bed with a dominating sleep posture. The other remains on the side of the mattress. The partner is being selfish? Or, it could mean the other is merely adjustable and accommodating.

How do you sleep?

You will probably find that you and your partner identify with several sleeping positions. That’s normal! Relationships can go through many phases and it is important to remember that our sleeping positions can be reflective of our mood that night. For example, you could find that you are sleeping in “The Cliffhanger” position once every now and again if feeling stressed or if you have had an argument. Don’t be too concerned if this happens.

Every relationship is different, and so is the way you sleep. There really is no wrong way, so long as you find the arrangement that is comfortable, and provides quality sleep.

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