Debunking Sleep Myths

For Better Sleep in 2018, Latex Mattress Australia is debunking common sleep myths.

We have trouble separating fact from fiction about sleep, according to a new study from the Better Sleep Council (BSC).

Here, we take a look at common misconceptions about sleep and whether we understand what’s correct – and what’s the stuff of legend.

Perhaps one of the most surprising misconceptions? The majority of us believe nothing’s really happening when we doze. Yet research shows the brain recharges during sleep and stays in an active state. Of those who believe sleep is passive, adults under the age of 50 (67%) are more likely to believe this compared to those older than 50 (51%.)

When to replace a mattress?

66% believe mattresses last about 10 years before you need a replacement. As a general rule, after seven years it’s time to evaluate your current mattress and decide if it’s time for a new one. However, pure latex mattresses are the most durable mattress product on the market and can easily exceed a lifespan of 25 years if cared for properly.

Can we catch up on sleep?

Adults (43%) believe that a person can catch up on lost sleep over the weekend. In reality – you just can’t bank sleep.

Firm for a sore back?

61% believe that the best mattress for a sore back is one that is very firm. Mattresses are a personal choice, and while in general a firm mattress is often recommended, the mattress that will alleviate back issues for one person may not be the same for another. And one person’s criteria for “firm” can be very different from another’s.

Is it illegal to remove mattress tags?

Some of us believe it’s illegal to remove mattress tags. Truth be told, it’s fine for consumers to take off the tag after purchase – there are no mattress police. Men (53%) were more likely to believe this compared to women (45%). Make sure you keep your receipt though!

Do we dream?

Many of us believe some people don’t dream. Everyone has dreams, even if you can’t recall them. Again, men (52%) were more likely to believe this than women (46%).

Is latex hot to sleep on?

There is a common misconception that sleeping on a latex mattress feels hot. This issue probably arises because so many people confuse latex with memory foam or a synthetic latex blend. You will not feel warm while sleeping on a pure latex mattress. A latex mattress actually allows air to circulate much better than many other types of mattresses, allowing for a cool comfortable sleep.

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