5 Possible Causes for your Constant Allergies

We all know that time of year when we start to feel a bit sniffly, and its warm, so we know it isn’t a cold. Often we know that it will only last for a few days so we grin and bear it for while it is around. Sometimes though, that sniffly feeling might last a lot longer than a few days, and can be a cause of great annoyance and disrupt our lives hugely. Here are 5 possible causes for allergies sticking around a lot longer than usual.


One reason that we may be experiencing allergies sticking around for ages is that we may have started to suffer from asthma. Asthma affects more than 250 million people, causing chronic inflammation of airways and can be brought on by lots of different things, including being something that is hereditary. Treatment usually involves the inhalation of oral steroids but there are some natural remedies available that might work for you if you do your research. Latex Mattress Australia have pure and natural latex mattresses that carry the Asthma Council of Australia Sensitive Choice certification.


Hayfever is an allergic rhinitis which is basically an allergic inflammation of the airways and can cause a lot of havoc on lifestyle if it hangs around for a while. It can also include runny eyes as well as nose, and is not fun if it hangs around. For some people it can be caused by pollens in the air but every case is different so it’s a matter of working out what causes it for the individual and treating it from there.

Mattresses and Bedding

Some mattresses and bedding can cause an allergic reaction especially if one is particularly susceptible to allergies, dust mites or chemicals in products. It is best to go for a latex mattress, or seek bedding that is made from pure fibres. Latex Mattress Australia have many different options available for people who are having issues with their mattress and can direct you as to the best one for you. Their mattresses are 100% chemical free and being pure latex, they are also dust mite free.

Food Allergy

Allergies to particular foods can cause similar issues to hayfever and asthma and can even cause skin disorders such as eczema. Working out what food is causing the issue can sometimes take a bit of time, but once you remove it from your diet you will find that life is a lot simpler and happier, and then all you need to do is avoid that food and you will experience freedom from the issue. Sometimes we can become allergic to foods that we have always been fine having, or the symptoms may get worse to the point where we suddenly realise that it is a certain food that is not working for our body.


Sometimes allergies can be a sign that we are pregnant. This can occur because as our body is flooded with new hormones during pregnancy we may experience an allergic reaction to food, flowers, medicines, or anything else. Often if we are allergic to things during pregnancy it may be something that they baby will be allergic to when it is out of the womb.

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