To whom it may concern,

The time had come for a new mattress and after lots of uhming and ahing we settled on an all-latex mattress. We had checked out several manufacturers and discovered that some were padding out their mattresses using ordinary plastic foam. Latex Mattress Australia did not do this and thus ensured that the whole mattress was going to go the distance. When an unexpected problem that was no fault of theirs arose, they stood behind their word and fixed it pronto.

At first I was concerned that the Mattress may be too hard. My previous innerspring was too hard and I had to put an eggshell overlay on it to save me from getting a sore back. With the latex we don’t sink into it, but there are no pressure points. It’s so easy to turn over on and the back’s better than ever. My wife worried that it might be too hot. Not a problem either. It breathes nicely on the slat base.

The latex pillows are a must. They feel soft and firm, not soft and fluffy, and they stay that way. Our old polyester pillows felt wonderful when they were new but soon began to collapse. Again I was concerned the latex pillow might be too hard, but now I won’t leave home without it.

We did notice a bit of a latex smell when everything was new, but as we were assured, this disappeared within a few days.

And the bonus is that when I turn over there is no rocking, rolling and squeaking to disturb the better half who is a light sleeper (or at least used to be). In fact I’m so pleased; I’m replacing a virtually new innerspring in my caravan with a latex mattress so that we get a good night’s sleep while on the road. There will be no more being woken by the other half turning over and having to say “can’t you sleep either – shall I make a Milo”. On our last trip away we noticed that restless nights resulted in grouchy mornings, and being in the traffic when not well rested is a recipe for disaster.

I can highly recommend an all-latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia.

Rudi & Glynis, Yeronga