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Pure Indulgence Latex Mattress

The Rolls Royce of mattresses for our most discerning customers.

Drawing on all our expertise since 1955, the Pure Indulgence is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and will cradle your body in complete lavishness. The ultimate in luxury, the Pure Indulgence is for our most discerning customers. Each detail of the Pure Indulgence mattress has been carefully crafted for sumptuous comfort and support, from only the most exceptional natural materials, coupled with the incredible performance of our 100% pure and natural latex.

Within the central compartment dedicated to your orthopedic wellbeing, lies a generous layer 150mm of Firm density pure and natural latex. Surrounding this support core are the outside 50mm comfort layers of the mattress, separated by individual plush silk pockets giving our Pure Indulgence added breathability and thermal regulation. A personalised recommendation from one of our Sleep Specialists will determine a Soft or Firm comfort layer to suit your individual needs.


Pure Indulgence Latex Mattress Benefits

The Pure Indulgence Benefits

The Pure Indulgence provides a new height of luxury that you cannot find anywhere else in Australia. It embodies the very best in the mattress industry.

Unzip the removable cover to reveal its signature feature – three separate layers of natural latex encased in silk pockets. Each layer can be changed to suit your comfort preference. As we mature we find our comfort preferences can change and the Pure Indulgence silk pockets give you the flexibility to change the comfort level without changing your mattress.

 In total, the mattress comprises of 250mm of natural, non-toxic latex with each layer hand selected by our master craftsman to create an overall feel of opulence and cloud-like support.

100% chemical free & 100% pure & natural latex. Fully reversible.

The Pure Indulgence Benefits

Nothing compares to the first impression of the Pure Indulgence mattress.

Wrapped in pure silk, the quilted cover feels luxurious to the touch. Silk’s natural properties make it breathable while wicking away moisture keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Features a pure silk cover for unrivalled luxury and softness.

Pure Indulgence Mattress Zoning and Latex Densities

Each layer of pure and natural latex features 7 orthopedically designed zones that support each area of your body while you sleep. Choose different densities to suit your preferred comfort preference. Chat to one of our sleep specialists to discuss which density combination will suit you best. 

Pure Indulgence Supreme: Soft to medium with a cloud like feeling.

Pure Indulgence Firm: For those who prefer a firmer mattress.



2030 x 1520 (mm)


2030 x 1830  (mm)

Super King

2030 x 2030  (mm)


Custom to suit your needs


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