Excellent Latex Mattress

We recently purchased a “Pure Support” king size mattress and I have to say I am very impressed by the quality and comfort provided by this mattress. I will never buy an inner spring mattress again! I’m a side sleeper and in the past I would always wake up with a sore hip and dead arm after sleeping for a couple of hours and have to roll over several times a night. After receiving our new latex mattress I find this no longer happens. I’m also a light sleeper as well and my wife would report that whenever she rolls over in the night I would always stir and/or wake up. With the latex mattress the partner disturbance is minimal and I find my wife and I don’t wake each other up as much as we used to with our old spring mattress.

The other important factor for my wife and I when we set out to purchase a new mattress was to find one which was free of harmful chemicals such as flame retardants and the like. LMA manufacture their mattresses using pure latex produced via the “Dunlop process” which is a natural and chemical free way to produce quality latex.

While some may say LMA mattresses are too expensive I believe they are actually very reasonably priced when compared with inferior “memory foam” or “gel” mattresses sold by major bedding retailers which can cost well over $5000. Also with a 20+ year warranty an LMA mattress is certainly an investment for the long term and you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Phil, Queensland