As a personal trainer and student naturopath I believe in a holistic approach to all aspects of life including training, nutrition, medicine and most importantly sleep. My passion for health and wellness lead me to find and purchase a mattress from Latex Mattress Australia.

With early morning starts and a physically as well as mentally demanding job, sleep is absolutely crucial in assisting to repair aches and pains, supporting my adrenal glands and providing a source of stress relief. The right or wrong mattress could mean the difference between a poor nights sleep with a strained neck or a rejuvenating and deep sleep that has set me up for a day of full energy. In saying so a latex mattress was the perfect choice for me and now looking back I don’t know how I ever survived without one! It is made with 100% natural latex which is sourced sustainably and designed for maximum comfort and support which ticked all of my holisitic requirements. My energy levels have improved dramatically since sleeping on the latex mattress and I have noticed a definite decrease in sugar cravings, muscle soreness and mood swings.

I now recommend latex mattresses to all of my clients, especially those with poor posture, insomnia and restless sleeps.

Josefina Andrici, Sydney