I’m 41 and have had increasing nerve issues leading to pain and numbness in my shoulders and arms, particularly overnight during sleep, during the last 10 years.

You hear about latex being beneficial but dropping a few grand on a risk always puts you off. Would hate to spend that amount and find no improvement.

So this winter my shoulders felt a little worse and I finally decided to take a chance and replace our existing, and rather expensive, sprung mattress with a latex one, in the hope of waking with less numbness and tingling issues.

I was cautious, after all injuries don’t go away overnight, even once you’ve stopped aggravating them.

Morning one was a small improvement, and so was morning two. Each morning was a little better than the last and now, a week on, I am waking with very little numbness in my arms and hands.

I’ve had latex pillows for 5 years and won’t leave home without them and I am now kicking myself for leaving the purchase of a matching latex mattress so long. Couldn’t care less about the investment now I have it, as it really is an investment in my wellbeing.

From a technical standpoint, I assume the improving pain relief must be as a result of the more consistent support across the body that a latex mattress affords. It seems to stop specific pressure points and hence nerve compression but whatever it’s doing, I’m very happy it’s doing it!

Dean Agar, Tenah Merah