Fantastic Latex Mattress

We bought a Pure Comfort Queen size mattress about a month ago and we are very impressed. The first few nights felt strange, having slept on a firm innerspring mattress for years. The latex mattress was very soft and I thought it was going to be too soft. I was wrong. After a week, we fell in love with the mattress. It is very soft, yet solid. I used to wake up with a sore back and a dead arm sometimes with my old mattress. I have not had this occur at all with the new mattress. Sleeping is an absolute joy and we look forward to lying in the luxurious embrace of this new mattress every night. We live in Townsville and there have been no issues with getting hot..

It is worth every dollar we paid. Do not be put off by the price. This is quality like you could not believe. I was very wary and it took me seven months to make the plunge, but it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. If you are looking for an investment in your long-term health, a latex mattress should be at the top of your short list. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new mattress. We also bought two latex pillows with the mattress and I would highly recommend getting the pillows at the same time. They are great as well. Very comfortable, good customer service, high quality.

Chris, Brisbane