Simply Bliss, Comfort and I Never Stop Saying – “I Love This Bed”

I was in construction when I purchased my Bed over 3 1/2 yrs ago ,especially constructing Stairs -there is a lot of awkward positions you place your body in, plus undue stress on the back and spinal cord with the lifting and twisting , within a few days, I never woke up again with a sore lower back ..
I also am a hot blooded male ..and through the various “Heat Wave” seasons we have been through only the last few years …I have never –ever had any problems with getting hot from the Latex ..In fact it has been the reverse ..Cool and cumfy !!
The service I received from day 1 ( exceptional )….helping me work out, what would be best suited to my frame and weight ….. Their knowledge and expertise …..Pity many other companies weren’t like these people…they are there for the customer !!

C. Jones, Brisbane