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Ultimate in comfort and support

1. Ultimate in comfort and support

A Latex Mattress Australia mattress gently supports your whole body and keeps your spine in a neutral position, no matter if you are a back, front or side sleeper. Our ergonomically crafted mattresses feature seven posture zones for optimum lumbar and back support, while at the same time, contouring to your body shape and evenly distributing weight. Our mattress will respond perfectly to every part of your body and may assist in the relief of back pain and pressure points.
Awaken Revitalised

2. Awaken revitalised & live in the moment

Sleep is cleansing, restorative, and gives you energy for the next day. During high-quality sleep, your body restores many functions it relies on in daily life, such as temperature regulation, a strong immune system, steady hormone levels, stress reduction and weight control. These factors play a role in how much energy you have, supporting your ability to operate at your peak potential. Many people feel the effects of an energy crisis, due to a lack of sleep. The quality of your mattress will dictate the quality of your sleep. A high quality and comfortable latex mattress is the most essential health care product in your household to assist you in having a deep and restorative sleep and to awaken revitalised.

3. Professional & Personalised Service

Since 1955, Latex Mattress Australia has been the recognised specialist in designing, manufacturing and retailing pure latex mattresses. With this kind of integrated approach, our sleep specialists are mattress experts who truly understand our products. We bespoke handcraft our mattresses the traditional way because we understand the deep relationship between a high-quality mattress and a good night’s sleep. We are truly passionate about assisting our customers achieve a restful and restorative sleep.
Handcrafted in Queensland

4. Handcrafted in Queensland

Latex Mattress Australia has a small, boutique range of mattress options, defining the ‘handcrafted luxury latex mattress’. For over 65 years, each mattress is bespoke handcrafted in our manufacturing facility in Queensland, Australia, using only safe and natural, chemical free materials.

Australian made and owned

5. Australian Made & Owned

Latex Mattress Australia are the designers, manufacturers and distributors of our products. As a family owned and operated business, we put our passion into the handcrafting of each latex mattress. We are proud to hold the Australian Made & Owned Certification and we support local employment.

Health and Wellbeing

6. Health & Wellbeing

Study after study proves that chemically treated materials commonly used in our everyday household products negatively impact human health. The process of volatilisation (off-gassing) refers to the release of airborne chemicals (also known as Volatile Organic Compounds). Live healthier by reducing your exposure to contaminated materials by keeping them out of your home. Opting for a Latex Mattress Australia mattress is one step forward to a healthier you, as our mattresses are free from toxic and harmful chemicals.
Certified Non-Toxic

7. Certified Non-Toxic

Latex Mattress Australia mattresses are completely free from fire retardants, chemicals and polyurethane foams. The Eco-INSTITUT, located in Cologne, Germany is the most respected organisation responsible for testing products to determine their pollutants and emissions. Relating to the polymer content of Latex Mattress Australia latex, the natural latex portion is certified by Eco-INSTITUT as 100% natural latex rubber. The materials used in our covers have also received STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® to ensure no harmful substances are present.

8. Pure & Natural

Latex Mattress Australia only uses the Dunlop latex process, ensuring 100% pure and natural latex from the sap of the rubber tree. Sourced from the Hevea Braziliensis rubber tree, our latex is impurity free and naturally hand-harvested from renewable, ecologically-balanced plantations in Malaysia. The latex is then taken by local transport to be immediately moulded using chemical-free micro vent technology. No harmful petrochemicals or extenders are used, and there are no fillers such as kaolin clay or calcium carbonate; this ensures maximum durability and life-span and the best value for money.

9. Continuously Cool Sleep

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that latex is hot to sleep on. This myth started when manufacturers starting mixing fillers and chemicals with natural latex to cheapen the manufacturing process. This completely alters the cell structure of the latex, inhibiting airflow. Latex Mattress Australia’s pure latex has an open cell structure which allows significant airflow. In addition, our latex pin core holes allow superb ventilation, allowing you to experience a cooler night’s sleep. Your movement on our latex mattress encourages air to move in and out of the mattress through the open-cell structure and the pin core holes, creating a cooler sleep environment.

10. A Brand You Can Trust


Latex Mattress Australia offers the mattress industry’s best guarantee of 21-years. Most companies offer a pro-rata guarantee; however Latex Mattress Australia’s guarantee is for 21-years. The quality and durability of our Dunlop process latex is second to none; one of our pure latex mattresses can last up to 30 years. The inherent durability and resilience of pure latex rubber resists indentations and depressions. Our guarantee and the selection of the finest latex in the world offers you complete peace of mind for your investment.


Our pure latex mattresses will ensure a sleep experience that is comfortable, supportive, instantly responsive, and above all else, rejuvenating.

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Recommended by Chiropractors

Dr Andrew Gormon, from Andrew Gormon Chiropractors in Springwood Queensland, has been a treating clients for over 20 years. He sleeps on a Latex Mattress Australia mattress and discussed the benefits of choosing the right mattress for optimal spinal alignment and comfort.

11. Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers

Fluffy pillow tops and foams create nesting grounds for dust mites and can trap a host of other allergens that could be making you uncomfortable and may even damage your health. Our pure and natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew and may offer welcome relief from unpleasant allergies.
Removable and washable covers

12. Removable & washable covers

All our mattress covers are removable and washable and are made from natural materials. We offer either Bamboo, Tencel or the finest Silk. Our exquisite covers have many unique benefits; keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, naturally antibacterial and breathable.